Apple’s iPhone 12 model features a new wireless charging solution, as well as a new generation of MagSafe. Using custom wireless charging magnet array – a built-in strong magnets ring, it can be compatible with magnetic accessories such as mobile phone cases, chargers and wallets.

What is Magnetic Wireless Charging?

The magnetic wireless charging of iPhone 12 can be simply understood as adding a circle of magnets to the original wireless charging. The strong attractive force of the NEO magnet allows the mobile phone and the wireless charger to locate each other accurately and easily, thereby entering a more efficient wireless charging state.

wireless charging magnet for Apple Magsafe

Apple produces its own MagSafe accessories, but they also released a accessory design guide that details the types and magnetization directions of neodymium magnets that accessory manufacturers can use, as well as other design details that Apple requires. Therefore, the third-party manufacturers can also design MagSafe accessories according to this accessory design guide.

What Wireless Charging Magnet is Used in MagSafe?

In accessory design guide, Apple uses strong but with high temperature resistance Magnets.

Considering the heat generated during charging, the magnet needs to be able to withstand high temperatures. At the same time, due to the size of the MagSafe case, it is necessary to use a magnet as small and thin as possible, and the magnetic pull force is large enough. To sum up, there are three points: high temperature resistance, small size, and large magnetic force.

The only known magnet material that can meet this requirement is neodymium iron boron magnet. Therefore, Apple chose the strong neodymium magnet with grade N45SH and coating NiCuNi (7 µm – 13 µm) on MagSafe case, and with grade N48H on MagSafe accessory. MagSafe accessory magnets don’t need to withstand as high temperatures as MagSafe case magnets. So their magnet grades are different. If you want to know more about grade specification, please visit neodymium magnet grade table.

It’s hard to make a super thin wall ring by neodymium magnet because magnet material are very brittle. Segment magnets are a good solution for this application. There are 36pcs arc magnets in Apple MagSafe case. They are very thin and glue to case by adhesive without destroy the integrity of the appearance. At present, there are various small and thin segment magnets with different sizes on the market for magnetic wireless charging devices.

N45SH Industrial Neodymium – Heat Resistant Magnets

Usually, daily-life items use more affordable N series neodymium magnets, such as N35, N42, N45, N52 and etc. However, these two grade magnet materials N45SH and N48H, especially the former, it is a industrial magnet commonly used in various motors and generators. It is a relatively high-end magnet material, So the price is more expensive. This may be one of the reasons why Magsafe is not cheap.

There is an argument whether Apple is wasting resources by using high-end neodymium iron boron in charging devices. But Apple stated on its official website that iPhone 12 uses 100% recycled rare earth elements in all magnets, including those in their MagSafe accessories, as part of a stepped up environmental initiative which also has geopolitical implications.

arc magnets for wireless charging magnet

New Trends in The Magnetic Wireless Charging Industry

Apple itself is a brand with its own traffic, and the release of new phones every year always causes widespread attention and discussion in the industry. As the industry’s trendsetter, Apple’s pioneering adoption of magnetic wireless charging technology in the iPhone 12 series this year has gained a lot of attention from companies upstream and downstream in the wireless charging industry chain. Since Apple announced that the iPhone 12 supports magnetic wireless charging technology, third-party magnetic wireless charging accessories have sprung up on the market.

In addition, because the iPhone 12 uses a new magnetic wireless charging solution, third-party wireless chargers must have a magnetic suction function in order to be compatible with the new iPhone wireless charging. This will directly lead to the huge demand for rare earth magnets in the wireless charging market. At the same time, recalling the NPO capacitor price increase that occurred in 2017 due to the launch of Apple’s first wireless charging phone iPhone 8 series, we can foresee that the layout of Apple’s magnetic suction wireless charging this year may directly trigger a panic buying of rare earth magnets, and the magnet industry will therefore have a order peak.

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