What Makes Your Product Unique, Do You Know?

You may want to talk about great stories or brands, but I’m going to talk about magnets.

The built-in magnets must be one of those factors that makes your product stand out. Because you don’t need to have many mounting accessories, with powerful magnets, you can easily mount or connect your product on almost any metal surface.

Among these unique products that use built-in magnets, there is nothing more eye-catching than Apple’s magsafe series. Apple’s iPhone 12 and 13 models have built-in magnets that are compatible with magnetic accessories such as cases, chargers and wallets.

wireless charging magnet for Apple Magsafe

What is MagSafe Magnets?

The MagSafe magnet is an array of magnets. It consists of very thin but powerful magnets. These magnet arrays can be built right into the case by double-side adhesive and fit on this sleek covering perfectly.

They can give a stronger magnetic connection to your phone and whatever MagSafe accessory you’re trying to use. Meanwhile, both the MagSafe Case and charger contain built-in magnets. They automatically snap into place with perfect alignment for every single charge – no need to reposition your iPhone repeatedly or face the nuisance of finding your device with no power after ‘charging’ overnight.

What Magnet Material in MagSafe Accessories?

Regarding the material of magsafe magnets, Apple has an accessory design guidelines. In this guide, it specify magnet type that third-party companies must use in order to be MagSafe compatible. They also offer details about the positioning and orientation of the magnets in an accessory.

For example, Apple recommends using N45SH grade magnets for MagSafe cases and N48H grade magnets for MagSafe accessories. Both of them are neodymium magnets, but not the strongest.

Why not Choose N52 for Magsafe Magnets?

NdFeB magnets can be divided into different series according to the working temperature. If the working temperature is too high, the magnet may lose a certain percentage of magnetism. Although not very precise, this is a good guideline and applies to many situations. Between Max Working Temperature and Curie temperature, some percentage of magnetization is lost irreversibly.

Considering the more or less heat problem of the phone during use or charging, a certain temperature resistant magnet is more likely to ensure proper and continuous use of the phone related functions.

N45SH Industrial Neodymium – Heat Resistant Magnets

As the MagSafe case is sandwiched in the middle when charging, it is more likely to get hot. So a more resistant to high temperature 150 degrees Celsius SH magnets is better. If you want to know more about grade specification, please visit neodymium magnet grade table.

Usually, consumer goods use more affordable N series neodymium magnets, such as N35, N42, N45, N52 and etc. And neo magnets N45SH and N48H, especially the former, are industrial magnets commonly used in various motors and generators.

High temperature grade magnets are also more expensive due to the use of more heavy rare earths. This may be one of the reasons why Magsafe is expensive. In order to reduce costs, many third-party manufacturers are turning to the strongest room temperature resistant magnet N52.

arc magnets for wireless charging magnet

Apple Uses Recycled Rare Earth Elements for MagSafe Magnets

There is an argument whether Apple is wasting resources by using high-end neodymium iron boron in charging devices. But Apple stated on its official website that iPhone 12 uses 100% recycled rare earth elements in all magnets, including those in their MagSafe accessories.

The Dimension of Magsafe Magnets

Apple has specified a maximum thickness of 2.1mm for the Magsafe case, which means the magnets have to be thinner. Since NdFeB magnets are brittle materials, too thin magnets are easily broken. The big magsafe magneet ring with 54.1 outer diameter and 46 inner diameter is not easy to shape a whole piece. So small thin segment magnets are a good solution for this application. In addition, the magnetic arc is more convenient for the staggered distribution of the magnetic poles and enhances the overall magnetic force.

With many years of magnet production experience, professional magnet production equipment and experienced engineers, China Magnets Source can make MagSafe magnet ring array by different type, and can also customize production according to your requirements.

MagSafe magnet array contains a different number of magnets, there are 8 pieces of, 16 pieces of, 17 pieces of, etc.. The current set containing 16 magnets has the highest cost performance, dense magnetic lines, and the highest charging efficiency.

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