Super Strong Neodymium Magnets – N48, Disc, Cylinder, Ring

When it comes to buying super strong rare earth permanent magnets, neodymium magnets are the world’s strongest magnet you can buy.

If you want to intuitively know the comparison of different magnetic material, the below chart shows the magnet size and weight needed for different magnetic materials to attract a 5kg iron. The neodymium magnets strength depends on raw material grade, working temperature, magnetization, magnetized area, shape and size.

super strong neodymium magnets

Under room temperature working environment, grades N45, N48, N50, N52 are good choice of super strong neodymium magnets when you need strong magnetic force as high as possible. N52 magnets are the strongest, most expensive and more brittle. Grade N35 Magnets are the weakest and least expensive grade in the neodymium magnet industry. N42 magnets are the most chosen neodymium magnet grade because it is a perfect balance between magnetism and price.

If you wanna know if there are grades to choose from at high temperatures, choose from these grade series, such as N30M – N50M (100℃), N30H – N50H (120℃), N30SH – N45SH (150℃), N28UH – N42UH (180℃), N28EH – N38EH (200℃) and N28AH – N33AH (220℃). When the operating temperature exceeds neodymium’s range, samarium cobalt magnet is a right choice of strong magnets.

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China Magnets Source Material Limited provide super strong neodymium magnets in ring, disc, block, arc and other custom shapes. From large neodymium industrial magnets to strong neodymium pot magnets, we can custom according to your requirement. Our strong industrial magnets are used in a variety of industries, such as motor, accelerator, actuators, sensors and different tools. The strong pot magnets can be used for magnet fishing. Our dipole / hexapole / sextupole neodymium magnet array can be used for experiment research.

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