Where to Buy Magnets – Magnet Factory or Online Magnet Store?

Have you ever asked where to buy magnets when you are not familiar with this?

There are many channels on the market that can buy magnets. When you search for magnets in Google, you get thousands of purchase channels.

But where is it easier to buy? And how can I order the most suitable rare earth magnet? Is there any magnet purchase guide?

Okay, let’s get started.

It depends.

Where to Buy High Quality Custom Permanent Magnets?

Can I Purchase Magnets Online?

Now you can buy many products from online stores, permanent magnet is also one of them. And about 90% of online magnet stores are concentrated in Europe, America and other countries other than China. These magnets from online shop are mainly neodymium magnets and usually used on low-end products, such as fridge magnets, door catch, magnetic clasp, magnetic hook and some hobbies. Generally, online retailers can get a big discount for bulk purchase from China magnets manufacturers.

If you want to buy neodymium magnets for crafts or fridge or magnet fishing, to buy magnet on-line store is a good and convenient choice. Generally, their large inventory of permanent magnets with normal disc, block, ring can meet your requirement for crafts magnets. There are many online magnet stores when you google, such as amazon.

K&J Magnetics In US

K&J Magnetics is the best online source for strong neodymium rare earth magnets in US. They have large neodymium Inventory in warehouse and provides huge professional knowledge for rare earth magnets on their magnet blog. They also make awesome projects and videos for neodymium magnets that spread widely on the Internet.

Jobmaster Magnets in Canada

Jobmaster Magnets is a Canada’s Magnet Supplier with vast inventory of more than a million magnets, such as ceramic, alnico, flexible strip, flexible sheet, or electromagnets that can be shipped worldwide.

Supermagnete in Germany

Supermagnete, located in Germany, is Europe’s leading online shop for all kinds of magnets and magnetic tools since 2003. They carry over 35 million magnetic products and these allow them to provide large selection for any need of magnet and deliver them immediately. Besides neodymium magnets and pot magnets for industry and skilled trades you can also find magnets for office and school as well as magnetic tapes and sheets. Meanwhile, their website lists a large number of successful cases.

First4magnets in UK

First4magnets is a magnet retailer online in UK. They hold the UK’s largest stock (about 20 million) of rare earth permanent magnets and materials. Not only common magnet, they also supply high-performance neodymium magnets and other magnetic equipment to businesses and consumers. With 40 years of experience in the magnet industry, they also try to do some custom service and this makes them more unique among other magnet retailers.


la société Magnetiques.f, founded in 1977, specializes in screen printing and digital printing for all media. Faced with magnet growing demand in their printing business, they used their initial skills to develop and sell magnetic products. In order to promote all of its magnet products, they set up its online sales platform in 2008. Since 2014, Magnétiques.fr – AAIS has been partnering with a partner in China to develop its own magnetic product manufacturing lines and provide the custom permanent magnets to European customers.

AIMAN GZ in Spain

AIMAN GZ is a leading Spanish company in the online sales magnet products. They provide the widest line of magnets and magnetic tools, with one of the three largest stocks in Europe.Since 1995, they have been involved in the sale of neodymium magnets.In 2008, they moved to new facilities by expanding the range of products and stock in flexible magnet.


МИР МАГНИТОВ is the largest Russian store of magnets and magnetic products since 2007. There are more than 800 different magnetic products in their the product catalog. With total quantity over 7 million magnets, they can delivery magnets from warehouses in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and Samara. The company has signed a long-term supply contract with the Chinese magnet factories and has a stable magnet supply chain, and a large magnet stock also allow them to reduce prices for wholesale buyers.

Magnet Market in Turkey

Magnet Market is Turkey’s importer of neodymium magnet and rubber flexible Magnet since 2000. They become the top 3 Turkey’s magnet online store later. What’s more, taking advantage of their central location, they also involved in exporting magnets to neighboring countries since the year 2012 and further growth in this area.

Frenergy Magnets in Australia

Frenergy Magnets is an online magnet company in Australia offering an extensive range of Neodymium Block and Cube Rare Earth magnets. They supply from the tiniest 3mm size up to 100mm+ in length and from 1mm to 50mm in height. This makes their Neodymium Block magnets highly sought after with their various sizes available from our online store.

Imashop in Brazil

IMAshop is an e-commerce site specialized in magnets and magnetic products in Brazil. Created in 2007 by the Super Imãs Group, a company that has been operating since 1985 in the marketing and development of magnetic products. IMAshop brings together 30 years of experience in this market with cutting edge technology and processes.

Where to Buy Small Magnets Near Me?

You can find permanent neodymium magnet in a hardware store or science shop or stationery shop locally, if you want to ask where to buy magnets near me in Tokyo, Melbourne, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Singapore, UK, USA, Romania, Canada, or Germany, etc.

Where to Buy Custom Shape Permanent Magnets for Specific Industial Application?

But you’d better to find a professional permanent magnet manufacturer, if you want to purchase custom magnet for specific application with special requirement, such as:

After decades of development, China becomes the main producer of permanent magnets. There is the most complete industrial chain from huge reserves of raw material to well-equipped factories, professional technicians and a large group of skilled workers, etc. Therefore, purchasing permanent magnets in bulk from China is the best choice.

ISO:9001 Certified & RoHS Compliant, China magnets source material limited can supply custom permanent magnets according to customer requirements. Click here and see what rare earth magnets we made for CERN’s accelerator.

Our custom permanent magnets include:

  • Neodymium magnet: it is the strongest magnet you can buy.
  • SmCo magnet: it combines strong magnetic force, good oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance.
  • AlNiCo magnet: it is the highest temperature magnet among all magnetic materials.
  • Ferrite magnet: it is the cheapest magnet with good oxidation resistance

If you want to buy custom permanent magnets, please follow this guide Magnet Price Request and leave a message in below.

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