Where to Buy Magnets – Magnet Factory or Online Magnet Store?

Have you ever asked where to buy magnets when you are not familiar with this?

There are many channels on the market that can buy magnets. When you search for magnets in Google, you get thousands of purchase channels.

But where is it easier to buy? And how can I order the most suitable rare earth magnet? Is there any magnet purchase guide?

Okay, let’s get started.

It depends.

Can I Purchase Magnets Online?

If you want to buy neodymium magnets for crafts or fridge or magnet fishing, to buy magnet on-line store is a good and convenient choice. Generally, their large inventory of permanent magnets with normal disc, block, ring can meet your requirement for crafts magnets. There are many online magnet stores when you google, such as amazon.

Where to Buy Small Magnets Near Me?

And you can find permanent neodymium magnet in a hardware store or science shop or stationery shop locally, if you want to ask where to buy magnets near me in Tokyo, Melbourne, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Singapore, UK, USA, Romania, Canada, or Germany, etc.

Where to Buy High Quality Custom Permanent Magnets?

But you’d better to find a professional permanent magnet manufacturer, if you want to purchase custom magnet for specific application with special requirement, such as:

After decades of development, China becomes the main producer of permanent magnets. There is the most complete industrial chain from huge reserves of raw material to well-equipped factories, professional technicians and a large group of skilled workers, etc. Therefore, purchasing permanent magnets in bulk from China is the best choice.

ISO:9001 Certified & RoHS Compliant, China magnets source material limited can supply custom permanent magnets according to customer requirements. Click here and see what rare earth magnets we made for CERN’s accelerator.

Our custom permanent magnets include:

  • Neodymium magnet: it is the strongest magnet you can buy.
  • SmCo magnet: it combines strong magnetic force, good oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance.
  • AlNiCo magnet: it is the highest temperature magnet among all magnetic materials.
  • Ferrite magnet: it is the cheapest magnet with good oxidation resistance

If you want to buy custom permanent magnets, please follow this guide Magnet Price Request and leave a message in below.

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