Tiny Magnets For Eyelashes – Tiny Super Strong Magnets On Novel Product

Have you ever wondered using tiny magnets for eyelashes? Now it is the time to put the tiny tube of glue down, the magnetic false lashes are a thing now.

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What Is Magnetic Eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are a new method surpassing traditional eyelashes extension. These extensions use tiny magnets to achieve your lash look.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work?

Tiny Magnets For Eyelashes

Tiny rectangular magnet attached to the eyelashes that hold the false lashes to each other and to your natural lash line.

And the another simpler usage is to work with magnetic eyeliner. The magnetic lashes can be attached to eyeliner directly.

Magnetic lashes are easy to apply and reusable. It can promise to free you from the messiness of adhesive glue and gummy residue left on natural lashes.

Tiny Magnets For Sale

Due to high powerful neodymium magnet, we have more and more compact and miniaturized products. And using rare earth magnet on beauty makeup products is also a very popular trend nowadays. In addition to false eyelashes, our nails and wigs products also be used with small rare earth magnets.

Tiny smco Magnets

China Magnets Source Material Limited can provide tiny rare earth magnets applied on various precision instruments & beauty makeup products. For example, our tiny micro magnets have been used in many electronics, medical device and other consumer goods.

Most of tiny magnets for sale are neodymium and samarium cobalt magnets. As they are stronger than other permanent magnets. Because of their strength, even tiny magnets can be effective.

We make tiny super strong magnets with normal shape, but also customize special shaped micro magnets according to customer’s design. Have a look at our tiny permanent magnets now!

If your new project requires a miniature magnet, please feel free to contact us for sample test magnet. We’d love to work with any of your new product design with micro magnets.

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