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What Is Woodworking Magnet?

Woodworking magnet is a strong magnets or magnetic component that is mainly used on wooden furniture and other wooden products. It is also called furniture magnet.

Like screws, hinges, and locks, it is a very important and popular woodworking fasteners and hardware. For example, you can find disc or countersunk, or block magnets when you browse a random woodworking tool store online.

Why Magnets Are Popular In The Woodworking Industry?

The use of high-power magnets in woodworking products can add a lot of value, such as fast installation and adsorption function. And magnetic knife rack and magnetic bottle opener are two of the most popular wood projects with magnets.

Magnet also can help to create woodworking tools that make woodworking projects faster, easier and safer. Such as magnetic pickup pen, magnetic wristband and woodworking aprons with magnetic pocket.

Many of our customers are manufacturers of magnetic tools for the woodworking industry. And we not only provide strong disc/block magnets for these customers, but also provide solutions for the production of components or finished products.

neodymium pot magnets for woodworking

Key Features

  • Easy mounting
  • Extremely powerful
  • Hidden closing mechanism

Where Is Woodworking Magnet Mainly Used?

The common example is magnetic door catch. It’s also called door closer, door stopper, cabinet latch or door lock. You also can embed a magnet into wood to make a refrigerator magnet or take them as the connection of two wood components or even use strong neodymium magnets on all furniture where you can imagine.

Many woodworkers have posted their creative woodworking ideas with neodymium magnets on Instagram, you can find more case studies here.

What Magnets Are Suitable For Use As Woodworking Magnets?

Magnets for woodworking mainly need strong magnetic force and have no special requirements for temperature. Therefore, NdFeB magnets used in a room temperature environment and cheap ferrite magnets are the two most common magnets used in woodworking projects.

Woodworking magnets are usually relatively simple in shape. The main shapes include disc, ring, square and countersunk shape. To enhance the magnetic force of small size magnets while protecting the magnets, pot magnets, a type of mounting magnet, are also commonly used. Many woodworking products can be installed quickly using high powered magnetic mounts to keep the them in place.

China Professional Woodworking Magnets Supplier

China Magnets Source provides custom permanent neodymium magnets for woodworking. We welcome furniture manufacturers, woodworking workshops and enthusiasts to come to us for any custom magnets.

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