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Sphere Magnets Wholesale – Powerful Neodymium Ball Shaped Magnets

Sphere magnets are magnetized axially like the earth with a north and south polarity on opposite ends. Compared with segment, ring, disc, block shaped of magnets, spherical magnets, especially neodymium ball magnets are more used in life than in industry. Such as jewelry, educational toys, stress relief products, and an artistic medium etc.

As jewelry,

magnetic ball can be combined to a variety of styles of necklace, ring or bracelet to meet the various requirements of fashion icon.

As a toy,

green magnetic ball

magnetic ball, also called Barker ball, is a set of 216pcs n35 grade NdFeB magnet balls in the size of 5mm diameter. And of course other dimensions such as D3mm, D4mm, D4.7mm, D5mm, D7mm and D8mm are also available.

As the NdFeB easily oxidized, all magnetic balls need surface treatment. Compared with the industrial magnets, magnetic balls own rich types of coatings, such as nickel, gold, silver and a variety of colors of paint.

Unlike traditional building blocks, magnetic balls have magnetic forces to attract each other. As long as you imagine the rich enough, you can piece balls together into the ever-changing shape.

If work too long time & tired, under big life pressure, or have too much trouble, you can play about Buckyball. By its deformation, distorted, you can release the pressure.

In teaching,

Buck ball can be used as a teaching tool to improve the imagination of geometric space.

However, do not let the children play Buck ball, because they are easy to swallow the ball into the mouth and cause intestinal perforation. High powered magnets are not children’s toys as well, as they may hurt fingers of children.

China Magnets Source Material Limited specializes in magnetic ball, available in a wide range of sizes, coatings and materials. If you require a specific size & color, please contact us for a custom magnetic ball quote.

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