Project Description

China Magnets Source Material Ltd Provide Powerful Precast Concrete Shuttering Magnets for All Kinds of Formwork Construction.

Shuttering magnets are a magnetic holder / fixing device used on steel formwork. They can fasten the precast concrete steel formwork quickly, safely and accurately. They features simple structure and easy to use.

With the rapid development of assembled buildings in China, the demand for efficient production tools from precast concrete manufacturers is increasing. Shuttering magnet boxes are one of the most important accessories in precast concrete system. China Magnets manufacturers seized this development opportunity and launched their own magnetic assembly components in time.

What is the Advantages of Shuttering Magnets?

The shuttering magnets in precast concrete plants are made of ultra-strong rare earth permanent magnets, neodymium-iron-boron, through a reasonable magnetic circuit design.

While keeping its own weight to no more than 10kg, the magnetic shuttering can be made to absorb hundreds or even thousands of kilograms.

At the same time, we also designed simple and convenient switch buttons, which makes the formwork production accurate positioning, safe and stable, easy to disassemble.

Compared with the traditional mechanical fixing of screws and nuts, the shuttering magnet box does not require drilling, welding, and will not damage the mold table.

Depending on the size and structure of the side moulds, together with different tooling fixtures, the standard shuttering magnets can also be used for various precast concrete element manufacturing and different engineering projects.

How to Choose The Right Shuttering Magnets?

When selecting shuttering magnet, precast concrete manufacturers needs to pay attention to the usage scenarios of the magnetic box. Please check our Standard Shuttering Magnet Size here.

It is necessary to consider whether the moulding table is fixed or vibrating, the space of the steel bars and the working temperature, etc.

The suction force and size of shuttering magnets should be chosen according to the height of the mold (thickness of prefabricated component) that need to be fixed.

For example, for the production of concrete reiteration plate on a fixed moulding table, it need magnetic box with holding forice 600-1000 kg, while for on a vibrating moulding table, a precast concrete shuttering magnets with 1000 kg suction force is required. In the production of wall panels, it is necessary to choose 1350kg or 1800kg precast shuttering magnets.

Shuttering Magnet From China Magnets Source Material Limited

  1. Use professional magnet knowledge, we can design the most reasonable magnetic module, i.e., to meet production needs without wasting magnetic resources and saving costs for customers.
  2. We have a full set of high-precision processing equipment, perfect quality control system, rich production experience and skilled technical workers to ensure the consistency and stability of product quality.
  3. In order to get the superior quality, we only use selected raw materials, including strong neodymium magnets, stainless steel and screws.
  4. Fast delivery time.

China Magnets Source Material Limited is a professional shuttering magnets manufacturer. If you are looking for an exceptional rare earth magnet manufacturer that will listen to you and deliver what you expect, email us, we are ready to serve you.

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