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Arc Segments Magnets for Motor – Bread, Tile, Wedge, Curved Magnets

Arc Magnets are curved magnets with variants bread, tile and wedge shapes. Because of the limits of the magnetization orientation, they are a unique shape and will combine to form a ring magnet instead of single radial ring magnets.

Four or more segment permanent magnets with an equal number of north and south polarity on the inner radius can be used to create a multi-pole ring.

Arc Shaped Magnets Uses

They are designed especially for generators, motors and alternators. So it is common to find them in rotors, stators, or magnetic flywheel assemblies as well.

segment magnets

Although we can make radial magnetized ring magnet for micro motor rotor. This does not mean that the traditional arc segment motor magnet will disappear gradually. Segment motor magnet has advantages of easy manufacture and low cost compared with radial magnet ring. It’s still the most common motor magnet shape, especially for PM DC motor.

How to choose motor segment material?

For traditional AC motor, ferrite and AlNiCo segment magnets are most applied. With the higher request on motor power, more and more motor manufacturers use ndfeb and smco magnet which have super high magnetic energy product. However, they are more expensive because neodymium magnet and samarium cobalt magnet segments belong to rare earth magnet. Please click here to get more analysis of different magnet material.

How to Combine Arc Magnets to Form a Ring Magnet?

The general approach is to make a sleeve or frame to put arc magnets in that will keep them in order and don’t jump around. The sleeve here has to be made of something sturdy and nonmagnetic, such as aluminum, copper or Q235 low carbon steel. Due to strong repelling force, it’s better to operate by those experienced workers. If you are the first time to assemble segment magnets, just be careful. Halbach array magnets also utilize frame or other tools to overcome the strong magnetic repulsive force between the same pole sides of two magnets and keep them fixing together.

Arc Magnet Price

Arc magnet price is more expensive than normal shapes like disc, ring or rectangle; because it needs more machining process. For detailed price, it depends on size, material, coating and magnetization direction.

Motor Magnet Customized Service

According to special requirement of different motors and generators, there are few standard segment rotor magnets available on the market for customers to choose. Each motor manufacturer will design different product based on their technology, market direction, therefore segment magnets of motor rotor need to be customized. China Magnets Source Material Limited provides curved magnet segments of various dimensions and magnetization directions.

When You Ask for a Quote, Please Provide Detailed Information as Follow:

  1. Material: Sintered Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets or bonded ndfeb magnet or samarium cobalt or alnico magnet or ferrite magnet
  2. Grade
  3. Coating
  4. Size: drawing is needed for segment magnet
  5. Magnetize or Not: magnetized
  6. Magnetized Direction: please show on drawing
  7. Quantity: we don’t have MOQ, but price will be cheaper if you order more at a time.

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