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When it comes to high working temperature application, neo magnet lost its advantage. Here we will introduce samarium cobalt magnets for sale that output high magnetic force, but also can work under 250-350°C.

What is Samarium–Cobalt Magnet?

Samarium–Cobalt Magnet is strong permanent rare earth magnet made of an alloy of samarium, cobalt, Fe, Cu, Pr and Zr. They are generally ranked similarly in strength to neodymium magnets with high maximum energy products (BHmax. 16-32 MGOe), high coercive force and high remanence.

powerful smco rare earth magnet

Samarium Cobalt magnets are available in two “series”, namely SmCo5 (1:5) and Sm2Co17 (2:17).

SmCo5 Magnets

  • SmCo5 magnet is mainly made of samarium and cobalt or using Pr to replace part of samarium. Because all these metals are rare earth materials, smco5 magnets’ price is higher than Sm2Co17.
  • Its maximum energy product, (BH) max range is from 16-25 MGOe. Although lower (BH) max than Sm2Co17, smco5 has better mechanical property and malleability. It’s prone to make complex shapes and sizes, such as thin disc, ring, block or other irregular shapes.
  • SmCo5 has very good corrosion resistance and long-term thermal stability. No surface coating is necessary. SmCo5 can work high temperatures up to 250°C.


  • Sm2Co17 is mainly made of samarium, cobalt, Cu, Iron and Zr. Its maximum energy product, (BH) max range is from 20-32 MGOe. It has extremely low reversible temperature coefficient of induction -0.030%/°C and can be used at temperatures up to 350°C.
  • Sm2Co17 magnet is highly brittle and no malleability. So it can’t used as structural parts and it is difficult to make very thin or complex shape, and small unfilled corners will be caused in the process of machining, inspection or magnetization as well. But if these small unfilled corners don’t affect magnetic properties or function, we consider them as qualified.

SmCo Magnet Grades

You can find detailed grade information from our SmCo Magnet Grade Page.

Magnetization Direction

You also can find detailed information from our SmCo Magnet Pole Direction Page.

Surface Treatment on Samarium Cobalt Magnets for Sale

From samarium cobalt chemical composition, we know they contain iron. But compared to neodymium magnets, they have better corrosion resistance because of little or no iron. Therefore, for most applications smco magnets do not require any coating or plating. If you want to ask when a coating is required, there are three situations:

  1. Operating in environments that are acidic, have high moisture, or are in a vacuum
  2. Using smco magnet as outer parts and for nice appearance
  3. Using coating to protect brittle smco from cracking and chipping. NiCuNi triple plated is a good protective layer.

You can find more about coating from our SmCo Magnet Plating Page.

What Are Samarium Cobalt Magnets Used for?

Due to excellent properties, we hardly can see any samarium cobalt magnets in daily supplies. They are mainly used in aerospace, national defense, microwave devices, communication, medical equipment, instruments, and meters, all kinds of magnetic transmission device, sensors, magnetic processor, motors and magnetic crane.

Obviously, sintered SmCo Magnets are specifically invented for high-end products.

Samarium Cobalt Magnets vs Neodymium

Both magnets are permanent rare earth magnet. More comparison please see the table below.

ParameterSamarium CobaltSintered Neodymium
Remanence / Br6.2-11.5 kGs11.7-14.8 kGs
Coercive Force / Hcb6.1-10.8 kOe≥13 kOe
Intrinsic Coercive Force / Hcj≥4.5 kOe≥35 kOe
Maximum Energy Product / (BH)max.9.5-32 MGOe33-52 MGOe
Max. Working Temperature250-350°C60-220°C
Reversible temp coefficients (Br) -0.015 to -0.04 %/°C -0.08 to -0.12 %/°C
Density8.3-8.4 g/cm27.5g/cm2
Corrosion Resistancebadgood

Samarium Cobalt Magnet Suppliers

China Magnets Source Material Limited, owing to mature production technology and advanced equipment, can produce a variety of shapes, high and stable performance of samarium cobalt products. We also provide technical assistance in the process of your magnet design if necessary. Please feel free to contact us if you have any smco magnet or assembly requirement.

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