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Custom Rubber Mounting Magnets – Waterproof, Durable, Scratch Protection

Rubber mounting magnets are one or more pieces of powerful neodymium magnets, covered a durable Santoprene rubber coating to protect sensitive surfaces like glass, painted surface, plastics, or any highly finished surface.

Where can we use rubber based magnet?

They are mainly used for mounting, holding, gripping or clamping application, available in round, disc, and ring and block shapes. Some feature a fixing central threaded hole or studs. And they are ideal for mounting items on vehicles by a bolt, hook or eye bolt.

We also make other mouting magnets, like pot magnet, 3M adhesive magnet and color pin magnet. You can choose based on your application.

Click here for standard rubber pot magnet size.

Rubber coated neodymium mounting magnet provides the following advantages:

  • Powerful – It uses the strongest magnetic material like sintered neodymium magnet to make sure attraction force as strong as possible. The maximum adhesive force of these magnets is slightly lower compared to similar-sized neodymium magnets without coating, but it’s still very strong.
  • Rust-proof – Multiple coating of NiCuNi+rubber keeps neodymium magnet away from all kinds of rusting factors.
  • Waterproof – It uses rubber seal and can be used outdoors and in wet surroundings.
  • Durable – Rubber coating with a certain thickness is flexible; it can protect brittle permanent magnet in case of collision.
  • Scratch protection – Delicate surfaces, such as whiteboards, painted surface or magnetic glass boards, are well protected.
  • Friction – The rubber coat substantially increases the magnetic adhesive force in shear direction. So when mounting objects to a vertical surface (i.e., a steel wall), these magnets are great for holding up objects without super strong magnetic strength.

Manufacturer of Custom Rubber Neodymium Mounting Magnet

In order to ensure long durability and correct magnetic strength, rubber coated magnets from China Magnets Source Material Limited are produced of high quality neodymium material only. We provide standard rubber mounted magnets, as well as customize according to your requirement. Contact us now if you need rubber mounting magnets.

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