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A rod magnet is a type of permanent magnet or magnetic assembly that is shaped like a cylindrical rod. It has a magnetic length larger than their diameter, and it is often used in industrial, scientific applications and teaching, such as in sensors and separators.

The magnetization direction is usually north pole at one end and south pole at the other. And the magnetic bar component has a more complex magnetic circuit.

It can be made from various magnetic materials, including neodymium, samarium cobalt, alnico and ferrite. The strength of a rod magnet depends on its size and the type of magnetic material used to make it.

Diameter Axial Magnetized Cylindrical Magnet, rod magnets


China Magnets Source is a professional and reliable magnet rod supplier. We can provide a wide range of high-performance rod magnet products for your specific project in many types:

  • neodymium rod magnets
  • alnico rod magnets
  • small rod magnets
  • long magnetic rod
  • threaded rod magnets
  • magnetic separation rods

As your reliable source for magnets in China, we would like to demonstrate how we can assist you. Not only can we produce rod magnets to meet your precise requirements, but we can also provide you with competitive pricing for personalized orders. To obtain a quote for custom rod magnets, simply submit a specific inquiry, and we’ll work with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your project.

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Magnet rods are commonly used in a wide range of applications where a compact, cylindrical magnet is required. Some of the most common uses of rod magnets include:


  • Sensor, read switches, meters and detection: cylindrical magnets are used in magnetic sensors and detectors to detect the presence of ferromagnetic materials, to detect the changes in magnetic fields, to detect the rotation of a shaft or wheel, or to measure pressure.
  • Motor rotor/stator: it applies high performance cylinder neodymium magnet with diameter magnetized.
  • Stacking Toys: cylindrical magnets are often sold with magnetic balls as creative magnetic building blocks.
  • Musical instruments: guita pickup usually uses alnico5 magnet.
  • Cow magnets are primarily used to prevent hardware disease in cows.


  • Magnetic separation: rod magnets are often used in magnetic separators to remove ferrous contaminants from materials such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. It is a tube magnet used in magnetic separation equipment or applications. It is a sealed assembly consisting of a stainless steel sleeve and a particular arrangement of round powerful NdFeB magnet. It’s also a type of magnetic stack assembly.
  • Deep pot magnet and holding applications: it is a magnetic assembly consisting of a brass cup and permanent magnets. Made of Neodymium, SmCo or AlNiCo cylindrical magnets, with powerful clamping forces, they are ideal for mounting threaded components. They are designed for a press fit installation, suitable for use in jigs, assembly, fixtures and positioning.
  • Magnetic stirring bars for laboratory stirring. It is made of strong NdFeB magnets coated with PTFE. These stirring bars are corrosion and chemical resistant.

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