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What are Rod Magnets?

Rod magnets are a general term for cylindrical magnets and bar magnetic assemblies. They are the same as disc magnets, but their thickness is equal to or greater than the diameter. That means rod magnets are long circular magnets. Their magnetization directions include axial and diameter magnetization.

What are Cylinder Magnets?

Cylinder magnets are one of the most commonly used shapes for permanent magnets. They include neodymium cylinder magnets, samarium cobalt bar magnets, AlNiCo rod magnets and ceramic cylinder magnets.

Therefore, they are used not only in

but also in

  • toys (magnetic building blocks construction toys: magnet toy bars)
  • musical instruments (guitar pickups)
  • teaching attachments (education magnets)
  • animal body (cow magnet)

What are Rod Magnetic Assemblies?

Rod magnetic assemblies are cylindrical magnet assemblies that, depending on rod magnet uses, include, but are not limited to, the following three applications.

  1. A tube magnet used in magnetic separation equipment or applications. It is a sealed assembly consisting of a stainless steel sleeve and a particular arrangement of round powerful NdFeB magnet
  2. SmCo/AlNiCocylindrical pot magnets, suitable for use in jigs, assembly, fixtures and positioning, they are designed for a press fit installation. It is a magnetic assembly consisting of a brass cup and rare earth magnets.
  3. Magnetic stirring bars for laboratory stirring. It is made of strong NdFeB magnets coated with PTFE. These stirring bars are corrosion and chemical resistant.

Need a Custom Rod Magnet Manufacturer?

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