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Custom Ring & Tube Permanent Magnets for Sale

Ring magnets are similar to cylinders or discs, but with a center hole. The central hole is plain for fixing on to a rod or for fixing in place with a non-countersunk bolt or screw.

Magnetic Pen is a popular product designed for pen spinning. Because it uses 13 pieces neodymium magnet rings to form a tube to hold the ink cartridge. And the pen can be constructed or destructed easily in a snap. Do you know any other ring magnet?

Neodymium Ring Magnet

According to various uses, neodymium ring magnets are magnetized differently.

Some magnet ring is diametrically magnetized, which means they are magnetized perpendicular to the axis of the hole. The North Pole is on one curved side and the South Pole is on opposite curved side. Therefore, they can be placed on a shaft to work with sensors or to generate electricity.

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Some are radial ring magnet. But this limited by sizes and high cost of tooling charge and Coil fee. It is specifically made for motor rotor.

Most of ring magnets are magnetized with their North and South Pole on opposite circular faces. They are used in many everyday appliances such as holding lenses, light, mobile phone, GPS etc.

For more complex magnetization direction in sensor & motor application, you can find a solution by molded magnets.

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Ring Magnets

We provide smco ring magnets in many sizes. Most of customers order smco ring magnets in tiny, micro or mini size.

The normal ring size is outer diameter 1.5-160mm, inner diameter 0.5-150mmm, height 0.3-150mm.

big ring magnet

The large smco ring magnets include OD160xID150x50mm & OD60xID40x150mm.

The smallest magnet ring we made in mass production is D1.25xd0.39×0.78mm. These tiny smco ring magnets are usually use in semiconductor, precise instrument, and microwave device or wherever you need a small ring!

For large diameter samarium cobalt rings, it’s not allowed to make too thin wall thickness or too height because brittle property will cause break in the process of assembly.

Ceramic Ring Magnet & AlNiCo Ring Magnet

We usually use ceramic or alnico ring magnet in loudspeaker. Our ring ceramic or alnico magnets are available in many sizes and grades. They are suitable to a variety of manufacturing, hobby, instrument, motor and craft applications.

The Uses of Ring Permanent Magnet

Ring magnets are widely used in many applications and industries, including experiment, holding, small motors, sensor, Lenses, jewelry and speakers.

Manufacturer of Ring Shaped Magnets

China Magnets Source Material limited provides ring and tube permanent Magnets over 20 years, available in a wide range of sizes and materials. If you require a specific size, please contact us for a custom magnet quote.

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