Project Description

Pot Magnet – Custom 100% Powerful Cup Magnet

Pot magnet is a simple magnet system with super-strong adhesive force. It is designed exclusively for holding/mounting/fixing application at home or at work as well as in industry or for craft, hobby and leisure.

The permanent magnets are affixed into a durable steel cup or channel. This makes a magnetic shielding area and then focuses all magnetic force on one side of magnet. So the pull force of pot magnet is bigger than plain permanent magnet and can hold heavier objects.

Types of Cup Magnets

Most of pot magnets are round shapes and mainly used as light base for vehicle signs or light bar. They are also known as round base magnets. We also provide block cup magnet and rubber coated mounting magnets.

They features countersunk holes or threaded features that allow for different mounting methods, no matter standard hardware (nuts and bolts), or various hooks.

neodymium cup magnets

Neodymium Pot Magnets

strongest magnetic force
surface treatment required
working Temp.: 80-200 ℃

smco cup magnets

Samarium Cobalt Cup Magnets

strong magnetic force
good anti-oxidation
working Temp.: 250- 350℃

Ferrite cup magnets

Ceramic Pot Magnets

less magnetic force
good anti-oxidation
working Temp.: 250℃

AlNiCo cup magnets

AlNiCo Pot Magnets

weakest magnetic force
good anti-oxidation
working Temp.: 550℃

cup magnet with hook

Cup Magnet With Hook

threaded stud
C hook screw
powerful neodymium magnets
durable steel cup

pot magnets with female threaded hole

Pot Magnets With Threaded Hole

female threaded
powerful neodymium magnets
durable stainless Steel housing

block pot magnets

Block Pot Magnets

strong neodymium magnets
durable stainless Steel housing

pot magnet with threaded stud

Pot Magnet With Threaded Stud

threaded stud
durable steel cup
powerful attraction

Countersunk pot magnets

Countersunk Pot Magnets

tapered hole
flat head screw
strong magnetic force
durable stainless Steel housing

Counterbore pot magnets

Counterbore Pot Magnets

pan head screw
powerful neodymium magnet
durable stainless Steel housing

rubber coated pot magnets

Rubber Coated Pot Magnets

scratch protection

pot magnet size

Possible Pot Magnet Applications

  • position or hold or mount inspection equipment, indicator gauges, car lamps, work LED, signs, exhibit fixtures, tools, antennas and more.
  • Plant construction
  • Metal construction
  • Booth and store construction
  • School, training & studies
  • Hobby & leisure

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