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What is Powerful Magnet for Pig Components?

Large Neodymium Magnets are an important optional attachment for pipe cleaning pigs. And these pipeline pigs equipped with permanent magnets are also known as magnetic pigs.

The powerful magnets serve a dual role here:

  • Pig tracking: they are good for determining how clean the line is during your pigging program.
  • Cleaning performance improvement: They can assist the brushes in removing and collecting iron-sulfides and ferrous debris in gas and hydrocarbon pipelines.
N42 N50M Strong Permanent Magnets for Oil & Gas Industry

Large Magnet Materials for Pig Accessories

NdFeB magnet and hard Ferrite are the two types of permanent magnets mainly used on the pipeline pigs.

Neodymium magnets have higher remanence, much higher coercivity and energy product. The use of NdFeB magnets therefore not only increases the magnetic force, but also makes the product more compact.

But they are sensitive to oxidation due to its high iron and surface treatment (Ni, Zn, Epoxy) is essential. They also have lower Curie temperatures than other types of magnets. Now special neodymium magnet alloys, including terbium and dysprosium, have been developed. They have higher Curie temperatures and allow them to withstand higher working temperatures.

Therefore, NdFeB magnets are available in different temperature ratings (from 80-220℃). You need to choose between ambient and high temperature magnets depending on your specific application. Our current range of magnet materials for pipe inspection MFL and pipeline cleaning pigs includes grades N35 and N42 (80°C), N52 (60°C), N50M and N52M (100°C), N40H and N48H (120°C).

Hard Ferrite magnets are the least expensive class of permanent magnet materials. They are extremely corrosion resistant. Even when used in water, they are completely non-corrosive.

Although not as powerful as neodymium magnets – typically offering around 1/7th the pull force of similarly sized NdFeB, their high coercivity and relative low cost make them ideal for use in high temperature application. They can be used up to +250 degrees C (482F) and sometimes up to +300 degrees C (572F) in special circumstances.

Custom Large Neodymium Magnets Block for Pipeline cleaning Pig

The most common shape of the permanent magnets we currently produce for pig accessories is in block form. However, if you require segment or round magnets, we can customise them to your specific requirements.

Compared with ordinary magnets, these square magnets are relatively large. Square magnets are simple in structure and generally easy to machine. However, for very large size block, the production is not as simple.

Not all large size magnets can be machined due to the limitations of the tooling and material properties. The largest NdFeB magnet block we can currently make is about 200x200x35 mm, and the grade is N35. If you need a high temperature grade, such as N48H, the maximum square size is about 100x100x30 mm.

Custom Large Neodymium Magnets Block for Pipeline cleaning Pig

Also if the magnetisation direction is too long, the blanks cannot be pressed out. Currently our longest magnetization direction is around 50-65 mm. Moreover, this direction is too long and the magnet may be magnetised without saturation. Therefore if the rectangle magnet is very large, we can use several smaller magnet blocks assemblied into the big size you want.

Production of Large Neodymium Magnetic Box Assembly

Usually the magnet block will be fully encased by stainless steel boxes and then installed on the metal bodies of the pipeline cleaning pigs.

China Magnets Source has extensive experience in the production of magnetic assemblies.

  • Expertise – Our team of engineers can help you choose the right magnet material, coating, glue, production method, etc.
  • Software – We are able to use finite element analysis modelling to ensure optimum design.
  • Hardware – We can design and manufacture all kinds of fixtures in-house. For complex magnetic assemblies that is enclosed in a durable housing, we can provide Ultrasonic welding.

Other Magnet Assemblies From China Magnets Source

custom dipole magnet, halbach cylinder, China Magnets Source, magnet supplier
custom N52 flat Halbach, China Magnets Source, magnet supplier
custom segment halbach, China Magnets Source, magnet supplier
Linear halbach magnet, China Magnets Source, magnet supplier

Others Applications For Oil And Gas Industry

Our high performance magnets and magnetic components can endure and withstand the extreme conditions faced within oil and gas: both on and off shore and from shallow wells to geothermal depths.

In addition to magnetic cleaning pig, we also supply high performance magnets and magnetic components for many other applications in the oil and gas industry, including:

  • Drives
  • Sensors
  • Drilling
  • Couplings
  • Lifting Magnets
  • Separation & Filtration
  • Magnetic Holding & Mounting
  • Pipeline marker magnet assemblies
  • Non-destructive pipeline inspection

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China Magnets Source is committed to providing a customized, high-quality magnet for the oil and gas industry. By the way, Logo is available to add for magnetic box assembly according to your requirement.

If you are a project manager and your pipeline inspection project requires these high-performance built-in magnets or magnetic assemblies, whether you are buying magnet samples or bulk quantities, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will make the perfect choice for your needs.

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