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N48H Magnet – Custom High Temperature Industrial Magnets

When customers need high temperature neodymium magnets, grade N48H is the relatively commonly used performance. For example, all MagSafe accessory magnets from Apple are N48H NdFeB magnets.

Why Must It Be N48H?

Compared with conventional N35 magnets, N48H neo magnets can maintain the high magnetic remanence and large coercivity force even at high temperatures. If the operating temperature of the equipment is 60 degrees Celsius, we cannot directly choose N35 magnets (rated temperature 80℃); we also need to consider that the temperature of the device will gradually increase with continuous operation. Neodymium magnets N35 will be demagnetized due to high temperature, but NdFeB magnets N48H can solve this problem.

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The high graded permanent magnet H series has many performance options, such as N35H, N38H, N40H, N42H, N45H, N50H and N52H. The higher the number in the grade, the stronger and more expensive the magnet. Among cost, strength and performance under 120℃ high operating temperatures, 48H-grade neodymium magnets is a great choice.

High magnetic remanence (Br), large BH energy product and working temperature are reasons why the grade N48H of sintered Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) was selected widely for industry. Based on these properties, neodymium iron boron (N48H) magnets are widely used in high-performance motors and micro speakers.

List of Application Based on NdFeB Magnets N48H

Thermal Demagnetization of N48H Neodymium Magnets

According to the experimental studies on the magnetic domains and magnetic property of NdFeB [Thermal analysis and domain observation of Nd-Fe-B magnet], the thermal demagnetization behavior of a NdFeB permanent magnet can be described with the curve shown in below Figure. The magnetic property is basically unchanged for temperatures lower than the maximum working temperature (about 120℃); for temperatures of 120℃< T < 240℃, the magnetic property decreases slightly; for T > 240℃, the magnetic property decreases dramatically, and when the temperature is greater than about 300℃ (Curie temperature of NdFeB), the magnetic property disappears completely.

Thermal demagnetization curve of NdFeB permanent magnets

Custom Neodymium N48 Series Magnets

GradeRemanenceCoercive ForceIntrinsic Coercive ForceMax. EnergyMax Working Temp.Magnet Price
abbrBrHcBHcJ(BH) maxTw.
UnitmT (KGs) KA/m (KOe) KA/m (KOe)KJ/m3 (MGOe)°C
N481370-1420 (13.7-14.2)≧876 (≧11.0)≧955 (≧12)366-390 (46-49)≤80
N48M1360-1420 (13.6-14.2)≧1018 (≧12.8)≧1114 (≧14)366-390 (46-49)≤100
N48H1360-1420 (13.6-14.2)≧995 (≧12.5)≧1353 (≧17)366-390 (46-49)≤120
N48SH1360-1420 (13.6-14.2)≥995 (≧12.5)≥1512 (≧ 19)366-390 (46-49)≤150
N48UH1360-1420 (13.6-14.2)≥908 (≧11.4)≥1990 (≧25)366-390 (46-49)≤180
N48EH1360-1420 (13.6-14.2)≥899 (≧11.3)≥2388 (≧30)366-390 (46-49)≤200

Building Your Custom NdFeB 48 Grades of Neodymium Magnets

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