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Magnets for Mounting – Buy Custom Mounting Magnets Powerful for Fixing / Fastening / Hanging

Magnets for mounting are the general name of all types of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies for fixing / fastening / hanging. Using magnets for mounting will give you hundreds of attachment possibilities.

Magnet with hole in center, such as neodymium magnets with countersunk holes, rare earth magnets with mounting holes and pot magnets with a tapped / countersunk / counter-bored hole, are the most popular magnets for mounting.

It is also one of the most practical fixing solutions where drilling is not suitable on some surfaces. And it is available in a wide range of colors, shapes, material and assemblies. They are used in offices or workshops. And they can hang / fix / install everything from different lamps on the car roof to artworks in museums.

THE RIGHT CHOICE of mounting magnet will ensure safe, convenient and affordable installing solutions for you.

Today I’m going to share all type of magnets for mounting we can provide and how to choose.

ring magnets for sale

Ring magnets are permanent magnet cylinders or discs with a center hole. The central hole is plain for fixing on to a rod or for fixing in place with a non-countersunk bolt or screw.

disc magnet

Disc Magnets are used in thousands of assemblies and products. These high performance magnets can be easily fixed into position using adhesive or pushed into holes and grooves in plastic or wood.

countersunk magnets

Countersunk magnet is an disc/block magnet with countersunk holes in the center. It is to allow the magnet to be easily fastened into place like woodwork for a temporary or permanent fitting.

block magnets

China Magnets Source Material limited provides custom block magnets in rectangular, square and cube shapes, available in a wide range of sizes and materials.

3M adhesive magnets

Our adhesive backed magnets are very powerful because of using super strong rare earth neodymium magnet with high quality pre-applied adhesive backing.

round pot magnets

Pot / Cup Magnets is a simple magnet system with super-strong adhesive force. It is designed exclusively for mounting application at home or at work as well as in industry or for craft, hobby and leisure.

plastic coated neodymium

Our plastic coated magnets are custom powerful neodymium magnets wrapped with environment friendly colorful plastic. They are waterproof and crashproof.

color pin magnets

Color pin magnets are usually used in office to mounting paper. We can custom pin magnet according to your unique design.

Vehicle Gripper Magnet


Our Standard Powerful Car Wrap Magnet/Vehicle Gripper Magnet is made of strong rare earth neodymium magnet as a powerful magnetic mounting tool.

rubber coated magnet

Rubber coated magnets feature waterproofing and crushproof which can apply to delicate metal surfaces, providing a good level of corrosion protection for outdoor use.

What is the difference between strong magnets for mounting and magnetic assembly?

  • Usually plain permanent magnet doesn’t need any mold fee. And it is more flexible which can be better for embedded application
  • Overmolding plastic & rubber coated neodymium magnet assemblies are waterproof and durability. Magnets with silicone rubber covers can prevent scratching paint; magnet with plastic need mold fee.
  • Our pot magnet, channel magnet and hook magnet are constructed with more durability.
  • Mounting magnet assemblies have more mounting options, such as male or female threads, countersunk, counterbore, through-hole‎, 3M adhesive, clip and so on.

China Magnets Source Material Ltd not only provides custom powerful mounting magnets in wholesale, but also in sample or trail order. Ask price of mounting magnet, please contact us.

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