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Hanging and mounting items can be challenging and damaging! This is why mounting magnets are so popular. China Magnets Source customize all kinds of fastening/holding magnets used in industry and daily life. No order is too big or small!


Mounting magnets are the general name of all types of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies used for securing items in offices, workshops, home, or outdoor.

They can be permanent or temporary (supplementary) fastening, available in a wide range of colors, shapes, material and assemblies. They are one of the most practical fixing solutions where drilling is not suitable on surfaces or for a more stylish and beautiful installation effect.

Fixing magnets can be used to attract any ferromagnetic material, but also on non-ferrous materials such as wood, plastic, walls, glass, textiles, etc. When the magnet is connected two non-metallic surfaces, we need to use glue, double-sided tape or screws to fix it.

So, they can hang / fix / install everything from lamps on the car roof, aluminum LED light bar, ceiling panel, pictures, posters, electrical equipment to artworks in museums.


  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to Install
  • Superior fixation
  • Over 1001+ uses
  • Great for holding item in place

Permanent magnets are made of materials such as neodymium, samarium cobalt and ferrite, which have high magnetic strength and can maintain their magnetism for a long time. They are commonly used to mount items on metal surfaces because they have a strong magnetic field that holds the item firmly in place.

To use a permanent magnet for mounting items on metal, the magnet is simply placed on the metal surface and the item to be mounted is attached to the magnet. The strong magnetic field of the magnet holds the item in place, making it easy to mount and move without the need for screws, bolts, or other fasteners.

Permanent magnets used for mounting items on metal come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small disc magnets to large rectangular magnets. The size and strength of the magnet needed will depend on the weight and size of the item being mounted.

We can customize fixing magnets in various materials and shapes according to your requirements. For example, N42 discs, N48H, oval or T profile magnet.


Magnetic fixing component is a combination of magnets and other materials such as double-sided tape, plastic, rubber, iron casing, etc. The component utilizes the magnetic force to securely attach or hold objects in place, especially in situations where traditional methods may not be suitable.

One of the significant advantages of magnetic assemblies is that they offer a non-destructive method of holding objects in place. This means that the objects being held will not be damaged, and there will be no need for drilling or other destructive methods to secure them.

It can be used in a variety of applications including home and office organization, industrial settings, and even in medical devices. The magnetic force provided by the component offers a convenient and easy-to-use solution for temporary or permanent fastening needs.

With a wide range of options available, they can be tailored to suit specific needs and applications.

3M adhesive magnets for mounting

Adhesive backed magnets are a type of magnet that combines the strength of rare earth neodymium magnets with the convenience of adhesive backing. The adhesive are pre-applied and of high quality, ensuring a strong bond between the magnet and the surface it is being applied to.

They can be easily attached to surfaces such as metal, wood, paper, wall, or plastic, and used as magnetic closure are commonly used in manufacturing, retail displays, and home organization.

Types of Pot Magnets

Pot Magnets are a type of magnet system that consists of a powerful magnet encased in a metal shell, typically made of steel. This metal shell provides a protective layer around the magnet and also amplifies the magnet’s strength, allowing it to generate an extremely strong magnetic force.

They are versatile and can be used at home, in the workplace, and in various industries with a variety of applications, including holding signs, lights, tools, metal parts together during welding, grinding, or cutting.


Plastic coated magnets are a type of neodymium magnet that has been covered with a layer of environment-friendly plastic material. These magnets are known for their powerful magnetic strength and are often customized to suit the specific needs of the user. They are waterproof and crashproof.

Magnets with plastic cover are a versatile and reliable choice for those who require strong and durable magnets that can withstand challenging environmental conditions while also providing an attractive appearance.


Color pin magnets are small, yet powerful magnets that are commonly used in offices to hold and mount paper. The magnets are usually made from a combination of plastic and magnetic materials, which gives them a strong and durable hold.

Custom pin magnets can be created to fit your unique design requirements. Custom pin magnets can be used for branding purposes, or to create a specific look and feel for your office space.


Rubber coated magnets are a type of magnetic tool that has a layer of rubber coating on the surface of the magnet. They feature waterproofing and crushproof which can apply to delicate metal surfaces, providing a good level of corrosion protection for outdoor use. They also can be car wrap magnet.

Another advantage of rubber coated magnets is that they can be used on delicate metal surfaces without causing any damage. So they can be car wrap magnets and light bar magnetic base.


Generally, producing regular neodymium and samarium cobalt magnets does not require any tooling costs. However, component manufacturing involving plastic, rubber, and metal shells requires tooling. Therefore, magnet production is simpler and has shorter lead times. Components require a significant amount of important assembly work that requires experienced assembly workers or custom semi-automated assembly equipment.

Depending on the different combinations, magnetic components have the following advantages:

  • Pot magnets are more robust and durable than magnets because they are protected by metal shells. At the same time, the metal shell concentrates the magnetic force, making the magnetic force stronger. Therefore, using smaller magnets can achieve greater pull force, reducing the amount of rare earth used and lowering costs.
  • Cup magnets have more accessory options, such as external or internal threads, countersinks, through-holes, 3M glue, and clips. This makes the terminal applications more diverse.
  • Overmolding neodymium magnets with plastic & rubber have waterproof and durable properties. In addition, magnets with silicon rubber covers can prevent scratching of paint.


Industrial mounting magnets are magnets used in industrial settings to securely attach, hold, or mount various objects onto metallic surfaces. These magnets are designed to provide strong holding power or work under very high temperature environment. So they are typically made of rare-earth metals, such as neodymium or samarium-cobalt.

Industrial mounting magnets come in various shapes and sizes, including disc, block, and ring shapes. They may also have different types of coatings, such as nickel or epoxy, to protect them from corrosion and damage. Some industrial mounting magnets are also designed with special features, such as a threaded hole or a hook, to make it easier to attach or hang objects.

Applications for industrial mounting magnets include holding and positioning metal sheets, fixtures, signs, tools, and other equipment in manufacturing, construction, and maintenance industries. They are also used in automotive and aerospace industries for holding metal parts during assembly or inspection processes.


The magnetic sewing guide attaches securely to metal throat plate on your sewing machine to ensure an even stitch width. Versatile and convenient, the magnet can be quickly and easily removed to allow for wider seam width positions.

Magnetic dovetail saw guides make it easier than ever to achieve the perfect dovetail with your handsaw. Using powerful rare earth magnets, these dovetails saw guides hold the blade of your dovetail saw at the desired angle as you cut the dovetail.

Welding magnets are designed to hold iron plates and tubes in place while welding. They are strong, compact and available for welding angles of 45°, 90° and 135°. Each magnet has a mechanical switch – there is no external magnetism when closed, so they are free to position themselves accurately and then open the magnet clamps into place.

Shuttering magnets are a magnetic holder / fixing device used on steel formwork. They can fasten the precast concrete steel formwork quickly, safely and accurately. They feature simple structure and easy to use.

A unique magnet-driven connection that meets the highest demands for aesthetics, stability and productivity. With no visible holes, this magnetic drill uses its magnetic actuator to quickly connect and disconnect time and time again. It is suitable for high gloss painted furniture, molded workpieces, stairs, etc.

Magnetic Mount for Electronic Device – Phone/Camera

It is well known that there are places where electronic equipment installations are temporary and need to be able to be mounted and removed flexibly. Examples include walls, bookcases, ceilings, stadium walkways, entertainment systems, car trunks, and a variety of other surfaces. Semi-permanent mounting with screws or nails can be inconvenience to remove and leave marks on the surface. Magnetic mount can solve this problem just fine.

Magnetic Holder for Tool – Knife/Gun/Bit/Screw/Soap/Door/Key

In order to achieve a strong magnetic force and compact structure, all magnetic holders are embedded with magnets – small neodymium magnet round or block.


MagSafe is a magnetic technology from Apple. These small, super built-in magnets for easy attachment and faster wireless charging. It creates a new and huge ecosystem of accessories and become the new performance growth point for magnet industry in recent years.

Magnets can become hidden hardware in furniture, easily helping you realize the creative secret compartments in furniture.

Cochlear Implant

The purpose of the cochlear magnet is to hold the headset (coil) in place to transmit sound to the internal device. Cochlear magnets need to be small and thin enough, as they sometimes need to be able to be implanted in children as young as 2 years old. So, all Cochlear Nucleus implants use rare-earth magnets – small Neodymium magnet.

The installation of artefact or artwork has always been a priority for museums. Stitching, gluing and adhering of objects are generally used. But these installation methods are generally irreversible. Magnetic mounting system provides them with an ideal method of reversible fasteners.


If you need mounting magnet for personal use, you can find lots of mounting magnets on the Lowes or Bunnings online store. When you need custom mounting magnets for new project, don’t hesitate to contact us. China Magnets Source Material Ltd not only provides custom powerful mounting magnets in wholesale, but also in sample or trail order. Ask price of mounting magnet, please contact us.

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