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High Accuracy Magnetic Rotor – Custom Permanent Magnet for Rotor

China Magnets Source Material Limited has a wealth of experience in producing high performance rare earth magnets for rotors, stators, shaft or coupling. And we also supply magnetic rotor assembly for a generator application according to customer’s requirement.

Our magnetic rotor assemblies feature precision and complex, including a wide variety of permanent magnets:

At present, the high power density and high efficiency are the common requirements for all types of permanent magnet motor.

According to principle of motor design, the increase of magnetic loading is to increase the motor gap magnetic flux density, which can reduce motor size and improve the power density.

For permanent magnet motor, generally, there are two ways to increase air gap flux density in motor.

  1. Change magnetic material: try to use permanent rare earth magnet with higher residual magnetic flux density. But restricted by magnet material performance and price, the actual alternatives are few.
  2. Change magnet structure and arrangement: using Halbach array in permanent magnet motor can increase the magnetic flux in the air gap and decrease the magnetic flux in the rotor yoke, and it is most suitable for the inner rotor or outer rotor of the external permanent magnet.

In brief, its application in the permanent magnet motor has great advantages:

  • Sine wave of air-gap magnetic field
  • Good magnetic shielding effect
  • High power density
  • Light weight
  • Small in size

Now neodymium magnets play a very important role in the renewable energy market. And we believe magnetic rotor can find a broad range of industrial and automation applications, from electric vehicles, aerospace, independent power generation to other occasions.

If you need permanent magnets for rotor and stator or magnetic rotor assembly, please feel free to contact us.

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