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China Magnets Source Material Ltd Provide Magnetic Chamfer Precast Concrete Magnet for All Kinds of Formwork Construction.

Magnetic chamfer is an important formwork construction concrete accessories for precast concrete products industry.

When using a chamfer-free side mold, if a chamfer needs to be generated, a chamfered magnetic strip can be flexibly used to form a triangular groove on the concrete.

By positioning the chamfer strip on the shuttering pallet (steel beds / steel faceplates), the embedded permanent magnets will hold the chamfer firmly in position. At the same time, no screws, bolts or welding are necessary.

Therefore, this allows for the quick and accurate development of exact beveled chamfers, drip grooves or dummy joints within the formwork construction with steel fromwork.

As a professional magnet chamfer manufacturer, China Magnets Source Material Limited offer not only standard precast concrete chamfer products, but also custom magnet chamfer strip. Our magnet chamfer strips contain magnetic rubber chamfers and magnetic steel chamfers. They all can be mounted to most types of precast rail-frame systems on the market.

Steel Magnetic Chamfer

Magnetic steel chamfer is made of steel and neodymium iron boron magnets with high strength, non-slip and non-deformable. The built-in NdFeB magnet can be positioned exactly anywhere in the base or side mold so that a high quality result is guaranteed.


  • Powerful strong block neodymium magnets are embedded at the surface of the chamfer to provide maximum adhesion to any steel surface.
  • Reusable – High quality steel and magnetic properties offer long service life and best performance
  • Durable – Long durability ensures a nice payback on the original investment
  • Variable – Available in single-side magnetized or double-side magnetized, triangles and trapezoids
  • Made-to-Order – Custom sizes are acceptable
steel magnetic chamfer

Rubber Magnetic Chamfer

Magnetic rubber chamfers are lighter than magnetic steel chamfer and both right-angle side are magnetic. It is flexible, which is very convenient in the actual formwork production. At the same time, rubber magnets are relatively simple to manufacture, with short delivery times and cheaper prices than strong magnets.

Size available : 10x10mm, 15x15mm and 20x20mm, please feel free to contact us if you have any related needs.

rubber magnetic chamfer

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