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Custom Powerful Magnet for Light Mounting Base Applications

China Magnets Source Material Limited provides custom powerful permanent magnet for light mounting base applications. These lights include light bar, LED light, bicycle lamp, car light, alarm lamp, taxi light, spotlights and signal lamp etc.

Permanent magnets have strong magnetic force when magnetized by an external magnetic field. They have various functions, such as converting mechanical energy to electrical energy, converting electrical energy to mechanical energy, the attraction or repulsion and controlling electrons or ions. Among these functions, the attraction force of permanent magnet is widely used in many daily applications to hold or fasten items.

magnetically mounted light base

Permanent Magnets on Lighting Accessories

Permanent ferrite magnets, the cheapest hard magnet in the world, are used for light mounting base applications. When using ferrite / ceramic for car lamp bases, usually it uses large ring magnet.

Rubber coated mounting magnet is the most popular work and off road light accessories. We have explained their advantage in Rubber Mounting Magnets Page.

Neodymium magnets, the strongest and most affordable type of rare-earth magnet you can buy anywhere, are a perfect holder/ mount/base to keep different lamps on any steel part of a car, a bike, machine or operating platform.

Even with small size, it can attract bike light perfectly. And you don’t need to make drill holes or marks when mount a light on the car. Therefore the magnetic base doesn’t destroy the paint surface. At the same time, you can take down the magnetic lamp easily. Moreover, it can position or hold banners, tarps, important signage, heavy tools and more.

Light Base Magnet Supplier

If you are a lightbar manufacturing company, and looking for custom light base magnet or magnet assembly for your products, please feel free to contact us. No matter normal shape magnets like big ring, disc and block magnets, or custom special shape or magnetic assembly, China Magnets Source will be your best choice.

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