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Laminated Permanent Magnet – Segment & Block, NdFeB & SmCo Rare Earth Magnets

Laminated permanent magnet is a special designed magnetic assembly. By means of insulated stitching, multiple pieces of rare earth neodymium magnets or samarium cobalt magnets are spliced ​​into one whole. For example, rare earth magnets are glued to each other or onto a steel plate with the same polarity across the entire stack.

This laminated rare earth magnet has small vortex. At the same time, the performance is as good as the overall magnetic component or even superior. It is primarily built for reducing Eddy Currents in motors that result in efficiency losses due to heat generated in the magnetic circuit.

Laminated magnets are the ideal solution for customers looking to get increased efficiency from their permanent magnet motor materials. It is a popular trend that aerospace, motorsport, automotive, and industrial markets are turning to laminated rare earth magnets.

Laminated Permanent Magnet - Segment & Block, NdFeB & SmCo Rare Earth Magnets

Laminated Rare Earth Magnets Feature

  1. The consistency of superficial magnetic force is excellent;
  2. The unique production way increases the competitive advantage in the production efficiency, manufacturing accuracy and cost control;
  3. This magnet has excellent resistance to high temperature and humidity of the anti-corrosion properties because of using overall plating surface protection technology;
  4. By means of insulated stitching, these small magnets are insulated from each other;
  5. The thickness of insulating layers is within 0.04mm;
  6. The bond strength of insulating layers can reach more than 50Mpa at room temperature;
  7. The maximum working temperature is up to 200 ℃;
  8. The geometric tolerance for laminated magnet is within±05mm;
  9. They are available in samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron materials;
  10. Custom size and shapes acceptable too.

SmCo & Neodymium Laminated Magnets Price

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