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In the ever-evolving world of motor applications, striking a balance between power output and heat is crucial. As technology advances, an increasing number of motor customers are turning to laminated magnet as a solution. For example, the more common magnetic assemblies used in pure electric vehicles today are laminated permanent magnets.


Laminated magnets are a specialized type of permanent magnets. They feature a unique layered structure and consist of multiple thin layers of magnetic material, such as neodymium or samarium cobalt magnets, separated by insulating layers. The laminated magnets can reduce eddy current losses in high-efficiency motors.


The temperature of the motor is relatively high when it is running, and the high temperature can demagnetize the magnet. Therefore, it is usually necessary to choose high temperature resistant NdFeB and SmCo magnets in the motor.

Different with ordinary rare earth magnets, laminated magnets are separated by insulating glue. This type of assembly can divide the eddy current path from a concentrated state into multiple paths. The more divisions in the magnet, the more eddy current flow paths. And it also increases the resistance as well.

As a result, it reduces the eddy current density of the motor magnets. This also means that the total amount of eddy current losses is reduced. Finally, it effectively reduces the heat build-up in the motor during operation, prevents neodymium magnets from overheating and improves the performance of the motor. You can read more information from Analysis of the Eddy Current in the Magnet of an IPM Motor.

Motor operating temperature comparison under different motor magnets - laminated magnets


At China Magnets Source, we provide high quality laminated magnets with the following features:

  • Available in samarium cobalt and neodymium materials;
  • The thinnest available insulating layers, <20 um;
  • High working temperature up to 200 ℃;
  • Custom size and shapes acceptable;
  • Good consistency of surface magnetic field;
  • The geometric tolerance for laminated magnet is within±05mm;
  • The small magnets stacked together are insulated from each other;
  • The bond strength of insulating layers can reach more than 50Mpa at room temperature;
  • The unique production way increases the production efficiency, manufacturing accuracy and achieves cost control;
  • Overall plating surface protection to achieve excellent resistance to high temperature and humidity of the anti-corrosion.


The existing bonding process for magnetic components almost always uses a glue coating process, i.e. a layer of glue is first applied to the bonding surface of the product, and then the two magnets are pressed together tightly using external forces or the attractive force of the magnet itself.

However, when bonding small magnets together one by one, the gap between the magnets is difficult to control evenly, which may cause a gap that is too large or too small, and the glue cannot achieve the best bonding performance. The final product will fail to meet the usage requirements and be scrapped.

At present, many manufacturers use glass beads to control the consistency of the gap, but this increases the complexity of making laminated magnets.

There is also a more convenient and economical assembly method, that is,

  1. Bond one surface of the big block magnet to a steel plate with an adhesive.
  2. Then cut the large magnet block into required equal parts (small magnets).
  3. Use using an acid wash to clean the divided magnets.
  4. Fill the cut grooves with low-viscosity glue.
  5. Heat the fully cured magnet to t °C (dissolution temperature of low-viscosity glue>t>dissolution temperature of adhesive), and separate the laminated magnet from the steel plate.
  6. Cut the large stacked magnets to the final required size by machining.
custom smco segment laminated magnet


Laminated magnets find extensive use in various industries and applications. Some notable applications include:

  • Automotive Industry: Electric Motors and Generators.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, and solar power systems.
  • Industrial Machinery: pumps, compressors, actuators, and conveyor systems.


China Magnets Source is your trusted provider of neodymium and SmCo laminated magnets for high-efficiency motors. If you’re interested in learning more about our offerings, we are delighted to provide you with additional information. For magnet pricing or any inquiries you may have, please contact us using the form below.

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