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Injection Molding Ferrite Magnet – Custom Plastic Bonded Magnet

Injection molding ferrite magnet is a type of bonded magnets which utilizes injection molding process to make. It is produced by combining ferrite powder (also use other materials like smco or neodymium) with additive, Nylon 6, Nylon 12 or PPS resins.

Advantage of Bonded/Molded Magnet

For injection molded magnets, the ratios between magnetic powders and resins are endless. Selecting the right combination will impact the resistance of the product to moisture absorption, physical strength, magnetic properties, and even maximum operating temperature. You can find magnet characteristic from our Injection Molding Magnet Grade Page.

injection molded ferrite magnet

Injection magnet also can be molded directly over or into another metallic accessory or polymer. Therefore, those who use injection molded magnets can avoid gluing magnet as a secondary process and also keep magnets away from water, which can extend product’s life. It is a perfect solution for magnetic component.

As we mentioned in Bonded Neodymium Magnet Page, this material is a flexible permanent magnet with unlimited possibilities in complex shapes, precise mechanical tolerances, light weight, thin wall and magnetization patterns.

Here it should be pointed out that each shape & magnetization direction should be realized by customized molding tool & magnetizing fixture. Price of unit magnet is cheap, but it needs extra cost of mould and fixture.

Typical Applications of Injection Molded (Plastic) Magnets

  • Motors & Sensors
  • Injection molded rotor assemblies
  • Insert molded magnetic components
  • Overmolded magnetic components

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