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Custom Halbach Arrays – Strongest Magnetic Assembly for Sale

A Halbach array is a type of magnetic assembly. It utilizes special arrangement of permanent magnets to enhance the magnetic field on one side of the array, while canceling the field to near zero on the other side. The goal of this magnetic component structure is to produce the strongest magnetic field with the smallest amount of neodymium magnets.

It is similar with pot mounting magnet in making magnetic force concentrate on one side. But mounting magnets use a steel channel or cup to redirect the magnetic field from the backside of a single magnet, which roughly doubles the pull strength you might expect from the magnet alone. And halbach arrays are more complex structure using at least 5pcs rare earth magnets instead of single magnet. It will have stronger magnetic force and of course cost more.

round halbach array

Where are they actually used?

  • Holding & fxturing: use halbach arrays magnet to hold some small parts to grind or others.
  • Linear coupling applications
  • Rotors for brushless DC Motors, magnetic couplers and power generations
  • Constrain plasma
  • Steer, sort, and accelerate moving charged particles
  • Impart oscillations

Do you need a halbach array?

Halbach array has superior magnetic force, but also has disadvantage of complex assembly process and high cost. It is important to consider the difficulty of design and manufacture before implementing a Halbach Array.

Large Halbach array rings are very difficult to assemble because of strong magnetic force. You can assemble them if you have a suitable workshop and appropriate tools and of course a lot of patience.

We have a customer, who needs a Halbach array used in a particle decelerator as a transverse focusing element. Considering very small size and hard to control the tolerance, our engineer suggest customer to use the normal direction. And finally, we made it successful and cost-effective.

halbach array

Halbach Block, Cylinders and Rings Manufacturer

There are various different assemblies and arrangements available. Working with an experienced magnetic engineering company is essential for determining if a Halbach Array is the right solution for an application. China Magnets Source provides Halbach arrays in either linear/flat/block or ring/cylinder arrangement. At the same time, we can supply the units as single magnet or halbach array assembly in a suitable housing (brass or aluminum sleeve). Contact us if you have any requirement for halbach array.

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