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Custom Shaped Neodymium Magnet Wholesale – T, Stepped, Oval, Bullet, Needle

China Magnets Source provides custom shaped neodymium magnets in many shapes and size. We supply regular shapes like ring, disc, cylinder, block, ball, cube and segment, as well as supply special shapes like T shaped, oval, bullet etc.

T shaped neodymium magnet is the most popular one from our customer’s purchase order. Why?

One of the most common reasons is that T shaped /Stepped shaped provides a perfect solution to fix magnets on other components. For example, T shaped custom made magnet can be suitable for injection over mold with the prominent part. And another reason is that this irregular shape is quite easy to produce compared with other complex shapes, so the cost is affordable.

There are many variations of T shaped magnet as below:

For other complicated shaped magnets, we also can make most of them.  But it should be know in advance that sintered neodymium and samarium cobalt magnets are made from a hard, brittle material, so many shapes that would be easy to manufacture in a steel or aluminum part are not necessarily feasible in a rare earth magnet. Complex shapes or shapes with thin cross sections might not be possible.

In a word, more complex shapes, more difficult to realize, more expensive the magnet price is. Therefore, it’s better to avoid special shape permanent magnets in the process of magnet design or try to design magnet as simple as possible.

Custom Shaped Neodymium Magnet Service

When you have a special design in hand and don’t know whether it’s workable, don’t worry, you can send magnet drawing to China Magnets Source Material Limited. We are glad to help evaluating and offer. Meanwhile, we will provide optimization advice based on your application if you need. Contact us Today!

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