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Custom Magnetic Thumbtacks Wholesale – Perfect for White Boards & Fridges‎

Magnetic thumbtacks are made of a super strong neodymium disc magnet covered by a brightly colored plastic or coated metal. Usually you will find the plastic or metal with a traditional thumbtack shape, so it is called magnetic pushpin as well.

Do you know the advantage of magnetic pushpins?

Unlike traditional pushpins, magnetic pushpins don’t destroy the surface of the object. So they provide an easier and more secure option for office work. And more important thing is that high-powered magnets in the shape of push pins fasten to any magnetic surface or iron plate can securely hold up to six pages, creating an instant bulletin board.

magnetic pin for office

Application of Magnetic Pin

Magnetic pins use the strongest neodymium magnet. Although they are all in a small sizes, the holding force is strong enough to attach photos, notes, flow charts, road maps and restaurant orders onto a fridge, metal bulletin boards, and filing cabinets and on other metal surfaces. They can even be used to hang things from drywall screws or nails in your walls! So as a great addition to any home or office, we can make them great gifts!

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Features of Neodymium Magnetic Pushpins

  • Enormous holding power despite its small footprint
  • Easily grasped by the hands of children
  • Can also serve as a suspension
  • Also widely use for whiteboard or other metal tablet
  • Durable recycle material and fashion designs
  • 100% brand new strong magnet material
  • No matter quantity in a higher volume or trial order

Supplier of Strong Color Magnetic Pin

China Magnets Source Material Limited provides custom magnetic thumbtacks available in environmental friendly ABS or PC plastic shells, various series, and different sizes, also in beautiful colors, like brightly colored red, blue, green, yellow and purple. Contact us if you need any custom magnetic pin.

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