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Plastic / Rubber / Everlube Coated Neodymium Magnets for Sale

Neo magnet has very poor resistance to corrosion and it can also corrode from the inside-out if there is no proper pre-treatment process.

When use a neodymium magnet in a very harsh environment, such as outdoor, outside or under water, rust-resistant is most important part. Generally, multi-layer Nickel-Copper-Nickel coating is applied to prevent magnet from corrosion, but this preventative technique may not be sufficient for all applications.

Different with normal plating, plastic / rubber / everlube provide a better surface protection. And these coated neodymium magnets are not only strong, but also durable and waterproof. You can find more from our Magnet Coating Page.

Plastic Coated Magnets

Everlube coating magnet

Plastic coated neo magnets are safe to use in harsh environments such as salt water, without the obstacle of corrosion. You can find them on an Glass or Acrylic Aquarium.

Rubber Coated Magnet

Rubber coated magnets are rust-proof for outdoors and wet surroundings & scratch protection for delicate surfaces, such as whiteboards, painted surface or magnetic glass boards.

Because of the layer of plastic or rubber is thick, so the maximum adhesive force of these magnets are slightly lower compared to similar-sized neodymium magnets without coating.

Everlube Coated Magnets

Everlube is a new coating available for rare earth magnet with excellent salt spray resistance & adhesion. It is yellow with 8-20um thickness. It can work in industrial applications where full of humidity, salt spray resistance and adhesion. For example, automobile motors with everlube coated have a lifetime over 15 years.

China Magnets Source provides strong neodymium magnets coated in plastic and rubber. These coated magnets are weatherproof and more durable than uncoated magnets. We also make powerful neo magnets plated in everlube which offer 1000 hours salt spray resistance. If you would like more information on coated neodymium magnets, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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