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What is SmCo Pot Magnet

China SmCo (Samarium Cobalt) pot magnet is encapsulated in a steel shell to ensure maximum performance while protecting the smco magnet from cracking or chipping when in use.

As a type of mounting magnets, it has excellent properties of corrosion resistant, magnetic and high temperature resistant. It is mainly used in high temperature and other special industrial production environments.

For example, it is very suitable for attaching magnetic preheaters because of its high adhesive strength / temperature resistance.

Smco Pot Magnet Specifications:

Magnet Mounting: If your product is equipped with pot magnets on the back, it can be quickly and easily mounted to a metal surface.

Various Fixing Options: By through hole, countersunk hole, counterbore hole, threaded hole and threaded stem, these samarium cobalt magnet assemblies provide extreme versatility for a wide range of applications.

High Operating Temperature: Smco magnets can operate up to 350°C.

Strong Holding Force: Their magnetic force is very high as compared to ferrite magnets and alnico magnets.

ring smco magnet with metal backing

High quality samarium cobalt magnets are essential for quality pot magnets. Our samarium cobalt material has the following advantages:

  • Higher magnetic property (high remanence, high coercive force, high magnetic energy product), room temperature magnetic property of samarium cobalt magnet reaches 35MGOe, only lower than NdFeB magnet, far higher than other magnets.
  • Extremely low temperature coefficient, generally -0.030%/K.
  • The maximum operating temperature is 350℃, second only to AlNiCo (550℃)
  • It has strong anti-corrosion & anti-oxidation properties. Therefore, no need to carry out surface anti-corrosion treatment, the magnet can be used for a long time.

Coating of SmCo Pot Magnet

The samarium cobalt magnets have very good corrosion resistance, most of the samarium cobalt magnets made by China Magnets Source are not plated. However, we can also arrange NiCuNi, Zn or other coatings on the samarium cobalt magnets if the customers want. Our customers will require plating for samarium cobalt magnets for the following three reasons:

  1. to make it look better. The plated samarium cobalt magnets look less pink, so they look much better.
  2. To prevent the magnet from shattering. Samarium Cobalt magnet is easy to break, and plating can effectively solve the problem of fragility.
  3. To prevent the magnet from rusting. Although samarium cobalt magnets are still better at preventing rust, but plating will be better.

Do you have smaller but also stronger magnets that can withstand high temperature?

Yes, we have.

The common material for powerful fixed magnet is sintered NdFeB, which is mostly used in room temperature working environment. But when the fasten magnet is used in high temperature environment, such as 250℃, then we need to choose high temperature resistant magnetic material, such as samarium cobalt, Alnico, alnico or ferrite, etc.

Among these three materials, samarium cobalt has the strongest magnetism. If you need smaller and stronger cup magnets, then samarium cobalt pot magnets are a better choice.

For example, we have a European customer who originally used a ferrite cup magnet in his workshop at high temperature. The size is about D50, the suction power is about 18kg. Later he wanted to change to a smaller and more compact pot magnet with more suction power. At the same time, the cup magnet need to withstand at least 250 degrees.

According to his requirement, we arranged the sample production of samarium cobalt cup magnet in the size of D28mm. Finally, tested by the standard suction force testing instrument, the maximum suction of the prototype can reach 21kg.

If you are looking for high temperature pot magnet, China Magnets Source Material Limited will listen to you and deliver what you expect, email us, we are ready to serve you.

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