Project Description

What is Custom Stepped Magnets

Step magnets are custom made from regular round, cylindrical, and square neodymium magnets. They are one of the most popular shapes of irregular shape magnets.

We often get emails from customers like this:

I would like to ask for a quotation for a custom specific magnet in N45SH grade. I attached three versions.

Could you please check which of the three magnet versions can be produced? Also we are open to adjust the measures of the steps and shaped of the magnets, if this makes the magnet production easier or cheaper.

For the offer please give us the prices for the following quantities…

Stepped Magnets Specifications:

Made of neodymium, the stepped rare earth magnets are the strongest for their size. They, as mountable magnets, are ideal for magnetic fastening.

Custom stepped magnets usually include both an inner concave (which can also be called a groove) and an outer convex form. Using with mechanical means, they are  like the mortise and tenon joinery used in Chinese woodworking.

This specific magnet shape provides an excellent connecting solution for many applications. No glue or screws are needed, and the magnet can be firmly installed in the designated position.

For example, it’s easier to insert and secure into plastic mold.


Custom Stepped Magnets Manufacturer:

China Magnets Source Material Limited has a wealth of experience in the manufacture of custom stepped button magnets, stepped ring magnets as well as stepped block magnet. We don’t have the minimum order quantity, and are happy to support you with free samples.

If you are looking for a specific shape magnet to be used in some new products that you are developing, please don’t hesitate to contact us by below table, we are ready to serve you.

    We will answer your email shortly!