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Hard Ferrite / Ceramic Magnets for Sale – Cheapest Permanent Magnets

Rare earth magnets are expensive. Have you ever wondered if the low-end products need to use high volume magnets, how can this be solved? Here we will introduce a perfect magnet for this situation.

What Are Ferrite Magnets?

Hard ferrite magnets are a low cost permanent magnet composed of strontium carbonate and iron oxide. They are also known as ceramic magnets.

cheapest hard ferrite magnet

Ceramic magnets are very resistant to becoming demagnetized because of high coercivity & remanence after magnetization. This is an essential characteristic for any permanent magnet.

They can operate at temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius. They also have high magnetic permeability. The maximum magnetic field B is about 0.35 T and the magnetic field strength H is about 30 to 160 kiloampere turns per meter (400 to 2000 oersteds). The density of ferrite magnets is about 5 g/cm3.

Ceramic Magnet Grades

Like other material, ceramic magnets also have a variety of grades, including Ceramic 1, Ceramic 5, Ceramic 8, Y10, Y30 and Y30BH in strengths ranging from 1.05 – 3.8 MGOe. You can find more from our Ferrite Magnet Grade Page.

Surface Treatments

The corrosion resistance of ceramic magnet is excellent among all magnetic materials. They do not rust and do not require any protective plating surface treatment. Therefore, it is very easy to identify ferrite magnet by their nature charcoal gray color.

However, if you want to use ferrite magnet for clean, non-contaminated applications, coating may be required because of rough surface of ferrite magnets may have chippings and fine powder.

Applications of Ferrites

Due to cost effective, Ferrite magnets have a very wide range of applications, from motors and loudspeakers to toys and crafts. Besides neodymium magnets, ceramic magnets are the most widely used permanent magnets today.

Ferrite Magnet vs Neodymium

Both magnets are permanent magnet used on industrial and household products.

Compared to neodymium magnets:

  • The adhesive force of ferrite magnets is much weaker;
  • The cost of ceramic permanent magnets is cheaper;
  • The corrosion resistance of hard ceramic is excellent;
  • The intrinsic coercive force of ferrite is high;
  • Ferrite is only available in simple shapes due to manufacturing process, hard & brittle material;
  • The production needs diamond cutting or grinding wheel, tooling can be expensive;
  • If size and volume are less important than price, ferrite magnets can be a good alternative to neodymium magnets.

Ferrite Magnets Manufacturer

China Magnets Source Material Ltd is a professional ferrite/ceramic magnet manufacturer over 20 years. We provide hard ferrite and ceramic magnetic assembly. Please feel free to contact us if you have ferrite requirement.

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