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550°C AlNiCo Magnet – Pickup AlNiCo Magnets Wholesale

Did you know alnico magnet is the first generation permanent magnet used widely in industry? Although we have better choice such as neodymium and smco magnet, alnico magnet still plays an important role in many fields for its unique performance of 0.02%/°C Lowest Reversible Temp. Coefficient & 550℃ High Working Temperature.

What is an Alnico magnet?

Aluminum Nickel Cobalt (AlNiCo), as its name implies, is an iron alloy included aluminum (Al 8-12%), nickel (Ni 15-26%), cobalt (Co 5-24%) and small amounts of other metals elements that can enhance magnetic force (Cu 6%; Ti 1%; the rest Fe).

AlNiCo alloy material is very hard and brittle which can’t be made by cold work. Don’t worry; cast or sintered technology can solve this problem perfectly.

cast alnico magnets

Permanent alnico magnets have high Curie temperature and extremely low reversible temperature coefficient -0.02%/℃ allowing for excellent stability over a wide temperature range.

Alnico 5 is the grade most widely used, but we also offer Alnico 2, 5, 5-7, 7, 8 and 9. View grades available from our Alnico Magnet Grade Page.

Alnico is also high corrosion resistant. No coating required in all our last orders from customer. Only some alnico magnets as teaching tool need paint red or blue color to identity south or North Pole.

Compared with SmCo magnet, alnico has higher working temperature, lower coercive force, lower BH (max) and cheap cost.

AlNiCo Horseshoe Magnet

The alnico horseshoe magnets, a classic magnet shape, mainly made of cast Alnico 5 material, provide a compact, powerful magnetic force, and are used for traction, lifting, sorting, clamping and retrieval.

They are supplied with ground pole faces, red painted or not and with metal keepers for storage and to help retain magnetic strength. Maximum operating temperature is approximately +550 degrees C.

They can be offered in different dimensions and grades. So custom made Alnico magnets are available.

Alnico Magnets for Guitar Pickups

Pickup is used for improving guitar’s sound easily. And alnico magnet is a typical and popular magnet for pickup. We can make bar and rod shape alnico with many sizes.

Alnico magnets are also widely used on electric motors, microphones, sensors, and engineering applications, traveling wave tubes, cow magnet, meters, bearings, aerospace applications, education, holding, heat treatment jigs and recovery and so on.

China Magnets Source Material Limited custom Alnico magnets according to your requirements, and we can help optimize performance and cost with a variety of Sintered and cast material of Alnico 2, Alnico 5, Alnico 5-7, or Alnico 8.

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