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Accelerator Magnets – Powerful and High Heat Permanent Magnets

After the invention of the alternating gradient principle, researchers began to use permanent magnet in accelerators. It shows that the magnetic fields could be used to control the transverse envelope of charged-particle beams. Since that time, permanent-magnet materials have found wide application in the modern charged particle accelerator, namely, accelerator magnets.

What are reasons to use permanent magnets on accelerator?


  • This solution allows to reduce number and time of interventions in high radiation areas as there are no risk of electrical failure or water leaks.
  • No need of failure detection or monitoring system.

Cost efficiency:

  • The production of an accelerator magnet based on permanent magnet is often cheaper than a resistive magnet solution.
  • Permanent magnets do not require power convertors and external network such as electrical cabling and demineralized water supply.
  • The operation of the magnet does not require any electricity.

Flexible designs:

  • Designs can be very compact.
  • Magnets can be easily integrated in vacuum vessels assemblies.

Rapidity to implement a permanent magnet solution

What rare earth magnetic materials are used on permanent magnet accelerator?

Sm2Co17 magnets and Nd2Fe14B magnets are usually used for accelerator devices. Because Sm2Co17 is high resistance to radiation damage and NdFeB is high remnant magnetization. You can find other reasons as below:

  • High specific energy product material
  • Small temperature coefficient: -0.035%/°C – smco
  • High remanence and coercivity
  • Good radiation resistance – smco
  • High Intrinsic coercivity
  • Acceptable corrosion stability even without protective coating – smco

These powerful magnets are the key to developing better high-energy particle accelerators. China Magnets Source Material Limited is specializing in the production of top-quality permanent magnets for accelerators. Recently, we have successfully provided accelerator magnets to CERN. If you need neodymium and samarium cobalt magnets china, please do not hesitate to type your message here.

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