Project Description

Custom Adhesive Backed Neodymium Magnets – Strong Disc & Block Magnets

Adhesive-backed magnets are made of rare earth neodymium magnets with quality pre-applied 3M adhesive backing such as glue 467MP.

The Feature of Magnets with Adhesive Backing

Our adhesive backed magnets have a handy tab which makes removal much easier. They are designed to save time and effort. Because no glue is needed with these magnets, just peel off the adhesive liner and stick to your craft or project.

Most come in small disc and rectangle, but we also offer custom-shape adhesive backed mounting magnets.

Considering working temperature and 3M adhesive force, neodymium magnet with grade N35 is enough and ideal for super powerful hobby project magnets. Some also use N38, N40, N42 or N45.Due to using different adhesives such as 3M 468, 3M 467MP, 3M VHP or 3M 4952, we can glue magnet onto various surfaces, especially cardboard and paper.

With the help of magnetic force and 3M adhesive force, this magnetic component can be the link of ferrous and nonferrous object. Therefore, they expand the scope of permanent magnet use.

Possible applications including:

  • Clasps / closures for books, boxes, folders, mailings, greeting cards, book covers, presentation materials and other printed items
  • Hanging up pictures on the wall without holes
  • Magnetic name tags for weddings and office
  • Mounting arts and crafts on a wall
  • Hanging a poster

Manufacturer of Super Strong Adhesive Backed Magnets

China Magnets Source Material Limited is an experienced manufacturer of neodymium magnets with 3M adhesive. These adhesive magnets are sold in matched pairs; the adhesive is on the north pole of one magnet and on the south pole of the other.

If you have a request to produce strong adhesive magnets in a higher volume or trial order, do not delay your decision and CONTACT US today.

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