Permanent Magnets In Medical Devices – Medical Ventilators To Help Fight The New Coronavirus In China

Have you ever wondered what magnet industry can do to help fight the new coronavirus?

Bingo, making magnets in medical devices.

The large-scale outbreak of the new coronavirus caused that masks, infrared instruments, protective clothing and other medical protective materials in hospital are running out.

Many companies producing related products gave up their vacations and raced against time to produce protective products. Even iPhone manufacturer Foxconn start to make masks now.

Magnets In Medical Devices

magnets in medical devices ventilators

We mentioned many times that permanent magnets are used in many medical devices, such as nuclear magnetic resonance instruments, magnetic biological separators, dental devices, and medical ventilators. With the increasing number of confirmed cases, the demand for medical ventilator is also increasing.

Last Saturday was the day when many magnet companies returned to work after the Spring Festival holiday. However, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the government has stipulated that all companies delay work for one week, so all magnet manufacturers are still closed. But there is a special magnet factory that is already busy, as they need to provide rare earth magnet products used on ventilator for a medical equipment company.

These ventilators need to be sent to hospitals in epidemic areas such as Leishenshan (“thunder-god mountain”) in Wuhan, Hubei, for treatment of patients with severe pneumonia. If the magnet factory can produce more magnet products for ventilators, medical staff will be able to use more of these equipment to save a few more patients’ life on the frontline of the epidemic.

In This War Against The Epidemic, Every Second Counts.

After receiving the task of magnet production, the company leader immediately contacted various departments to arrange coordination across business units. From the warehouse to find materials, find outsourcing for processing, arrange electroplating production to contact customers to clarify technical details, etc., it can’t be afforded to lose a second. In the case of a serious shortage of staff, the leader in charge also become a delivery person and is responsible for the entire delivery of the magnet product.

After the efforts of various departments, the first batch of 180 sets of magnetic assemblies were transferred by high-speed rail on the evening of February 1, and finally delivered to customers as scheduled. It took only 3 days from receiving the ventilator magnet order.

On the evening of February 4, 1000 sets of the second batch of magnetic component products were sent to the ventilator factory.

The demand for subsequent orders is still increasing, and now the company has received a number of magnetic products for ventilators. Under strict protection and comprehensive disinfection, let’s take the time to produce more ventilator magnets, and contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

Product Description Of Ventilator Magnetic Assembly:

The high-speed precision magnetic rotor is a rotor assembly for the motor of the therapy device and can be used in medicine for the treatment of sleep apnea. The main characteristics are: high speed and fast response in order to generate continuous and stable pressure and airflow to keep the patient’s airway unobstructed; the noise should be small enough to ensure the patient’s sleep.

Product Feature Of Ventilator Magnetic Component:

magnetic shaft
  1. high corrosion resistanceand good consistency magnetic properties;
  2. research on the adhesive force of the glue: unique surface treatment technology improvesthe wettability (surface energy) of the product surface and achieves the adhesive force between the glue and the material;
  3. study the effect of the product air gap on the adhesive strength of the glue and also the influence of humidity on the bonding strength to improve the strength of the glue itself;
  4. through research and design of self-aligning positioning mechanism to achievecoaxiality 0.03mm bonding technologywithout the need of traditional machining technology;
  5. achieved fully automatic assembly and testing technology.

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