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2021 has been a very difficult year for many customers who do import and export around the world. They not only have to face significant price increases for products such as chip, steel, rare earth magnets, but also shipping issues.

Due to the continuous development of the global epidemic, the latter now facing greater uncertainty. This uncertainty includes magnet shipping costs and delivery time. For example, now the cost for shipping magnets by sea to Long Beach, USA is upto US$300 per ton and at the beginning of this year, the shipping cost was less than 100 US dollars a ton.

But don’t worry, China Magnets Source can help you produce magnets and provide stable magnet shipping solutions as well.

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping Magnets By Sea, By Air or By Express

Many customers who were worried about the shipping cost of magnets eventually chose us to arrange the shipping of magnets after a comparison of shipping costs. For example, one of our regular customers made the following requirements for magnet transportation when placing an order with us:

I understand about the magnet price rises, it’s happening here as well.

Could you let me have a PI?

Because of very high air freight costs we will try and consolidate with another import from China and freight by sea.

My new agent will be in touch with you in due course.

When the magnets were finished, and provided our magnet shipping cost, they replied as follows:

Our shipper is more expensive.

Please let me have your PI for magnet shipping cost.

Here we suggest if your supplier is an experienced manufacturer in magnet industry, please don’t hesitate to choose their logistics directly. This is because comparing shipping costs takes your time and effort, and professional magnet suppliers have their excellent logistics partners who have been cooperating for many years and have been selected over time, and are skilled in magnet transportation requirements, and can get big discounts on shipping costs because of their large annual shipments.

Which Channel Is Better, Shipping Magnets By Sea, By Air or Fedex/DHL/UPS/TNT?

Sea freight, air freight, express delivery, these several channels of magnet transportation have their own characteristics. Customers need to choose the best mode of transportation according to the actual situation of their goods. The most suitable transportation method is the best for you.

  • Sea freight: long transport time, but very suitable for hundreds of kilograms to several tons of heavy goods
  • Air transportation: short transportation time, optional airport pickup or door-to-door, suitable for 100-200 kg cargo and goods that need to be transported via pallets.
  • Express: fast and more flexible, door to door, suitable for urgent transportation of goods under 100kg.

Magnets belong to heavy goods, through the sea transport can greatly reduce the cost of transport; and the freight cost of express and air freight looks expensive, but compared to the price of magnets, the express fee is not high.

Can You Ship Magnets Internationally?

China Magnets Source has more than twenty years of experience in exporting various magnets and magnetic components. Many famous European and North America companies are our happy customers, such as Philip, CERN, TRIUMF, etc.

The transportation of strong magnets require more professionalism than ordinary cargoes, and the choice of transportation channels is also more difficult.

We have professional logistics agents with more than 20 years of cooperation. They are familiar with the various documentation requirements in the process of magnet shipping and can transport magnets safely and quickly to customers all over the world at a reasonable price.

Our customer don’t have to spend extra time to confirm the complicated magnet transportation requirements. So we can save your time if you use our magnet shipping agent.

How Are Strong Magnets Shipped?

Our agents offer a broad range of shipping carriers and shipping speeds for international shipments. The primary carriers are DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. For a large bulk order, we can shipping magnets by sea and by air as well.

How Much Does Magnet Shipping Cost?

Magnet shipping costs are determined by shipment weight. And prices vary for different shipping methods or speeds. Magnet shipping rates for international shipments will be estimated when place order or calculated before delivery.

Due to the potentially destructive nature of strong magnetic fields on the surrounding items, shipping magnets requires specialized anti-magnetic packaging and testing procedures.

Sea shipments are usually based on wooden pallets or cases. This kind of packaging is very thick and strong, and ordinary packaging for magnet is sufficient.

According to our export experience for many years, permanent magnets are usually shipped through LCL container. If shipping magnet through full container, only small containers (20 feet) can be used. Because magnets are heavy metal goods. If using a large container, it will be overweight.

Air shipments are usually shipped in cartons, and strong magnetic fields are more likely to affect the normal operation of the air craft. Therefore, the magnets need to be packed in carton with extra iron sheets for magnetic isolation. And after magnetic inspection, we can get a certificate of non-restrictive products from professional third-party testing company.

Our well-trained & qualified packers and the measuring equipment on hand can ensure that all packages with magnetic materials can get this certificate and make sure magnet transported by air carrier in time.

Although there will be additional packaging requirements for shipping magnets by air, we will not charge additional packaging/handling fees. You are only responsible for the cost of regulation testing and necessary paperwork.

In short, China Magnets Source can provide reliable magnet shipping at Low Cost, Secure & Fast Delivery. Do you need us to handle your magnet shipping from China?

To ensure magnets are in the best hands for production & delivery, International and domestic shipping questions can be answered by leaving a message in the form below or emailing us.

Why Is Shipping Magnets By Sea So Expensive In 2021?

In early 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak suddenly slowed the world down: demand fell, production capacity decreased and air & ship routes reduced. Since the second half of 2020, demand for online consumer goods has continued to rise as the outbreak has changed the way people consume and online shopping in Europe and the US has exploded. At the same time, industrial demand, which had been suspended in the first quarter of 2020, also exploded at that time due to China’s rapid recovery from the epidemic.

Chinese factories resumed production capacity and manufactured more products than ever before, waiting to be shipped to Europe and the US. However, at this time, international routes failed to keep up in time, resulting in insufficient capacity and shortage of containers. The constant vicious cycle and surge in demand led to an increase in current routes and container prices, which ultimately led to higher freight rates.

Will Shipping Prices Return To Normal – And When?

With Europe and the US approaching the most important promotional season of the second half of the year, international logistics demand shows no sign of easing as things stand. Shipping prices will remain high and the vessel space will continue to be in short supply until at least the end of 2021.

This situation has been good for large companies, who have more flexible options to deal with the logistics crisis. Home Depot, for example, has contracted its own container ships in an attempt to avoid the global shipping crisis that threatens to disrupt holiday orders.

Large companies have more flexible solutions to deal with the logistics crisis. Home Depot, for example, has contracted its own container ship, trying to sidestep a global shipping crisis that threatens to disrupt holiday orders.

For millions of small businesses, the uncertainty of logistics is a more difficult problem to solve than the price increase of the product itself. The problem makes it necessary for them to arrange orders earlier or to ship some of their ocean shipments by air instead. And more shipments are being switched from ocean to air freight to their destinations, which has also exacerbated the rise in express and air freight rates.

At last, if your company have the same concerns for magnet shipping, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to exchange information for this.

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