Magnet products are everywhere. 

Permanent rare earth magnet products provide us a lot of fun and new products. And many of us never get tired of experimenting with them to improve our lives.

Although there are few visible magnets around us, it is an undeniable fact that magnets are everywhere, from mobile phone in your hand to the car you drive, from home to work place, from agriculture to industry, from land to space.

To some extent, magnetic energy is driving the life to develop new possibilities.

And thanks to high power neodymium magnet, we have smaller and smaller electronic equipments like handset, audio, computer, and etc.

Permanent Magnets

Permanent rare earth magnets also are strong support for renewable energy development. Many of our customers order custom permanent magnets for their product, such as hybrid Electric Vehicle, solar power generation and wind power generation. You can read more magnet application from “Applications Guide of Permanent Magnet in Industry

Apart from magnets on renewable energy motor, they also play an important role on innovation. Just browse kickstarter, you can find many cute small creations which use tiny but strong magnet as the key parts. For example: Zubits magnetic closure, magnetic bottle opener, Magic Pen, inCharge bolt, Nipper charger. You can know more from “House Uses of Magnets: 55 Amazing Neodymium Magnets Applications in Daily Life

The number of magnet products is still growing daily. So we’ll see in the future.

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