Price Request – Neodymium Magnet, Samarium Cobalt, Ferrite, AlNiCo, and Magnetic Assembly Enquiry

A price request question often asked: do you have price list of permanent magnets?

We will be happy to provide pricing for any magnet you may need, but there is no price list, neither disc neodymium magnet price, nor samarium cobalt magnet price.


  1. We supply rare earth magnets as a manufacturer, but not a magnet store or magnet shop online.
  2. In our stock, there are magnet raw materials, but not ready-made magnet. We didn’t start making magnets until the customer placed an order.
  3. Magnet is not standard hardware. All our strong magnets are customized according to your requirement.
  4. Price of rare earth magnets is not stable in the past few years. Especially in 2011, rare earth magnet prices spiked to unprecedented levels.

We provide magnets in bulk with factory direct prices, and will be very glad to customize unique magnet sample for your research. When you need strong magnet price, please provide us the magnet information as specific as possible.

Here’s an Segment Magnet Enquiry example:

  1. Material: Neodymium Magnet
  2. Grade: n52
  3. Shape: segment, drawing is in the attachment
  4. Size: R67x 54.09x 40 mm x 30°
  5. Tolerance: ±0.05mm or as per drawing
  6. Magnetized or Not: magnetized
  7. Magnetized Direction: through diameter, 50% N/S, 50% S/N
  8. Coating: Black epoxy
  9. Max Working Temperature: room temperature
  10. Quantity: sample 10pcs, 20,000pcs
price request - Segment magnet from China Magnets Source

Magnet Price Stability

Although the high power magnet price is relatively stable & reasonable at moment in China. It still fluctuates sometimes caused by price of rare earth, such as praseodymium neodymium price and cobalt price.

Generally, powerful magnet price is the cheapest in the middle of the year and always go up around the Spring Festival.

Ferrite magnets are less subject to price fluctuations than neodymium magnets & samarium cobalt magnets because their production does not require rare earth metals.

If you need low price magnets, ferrite or ceramic is a good choice. And neodymium magnet is highly cost-effective magnet.

We know that price is very important to our customers, so as for certified manufacturer of rare earth magnet, we are also trying to optimize our manufacturing process to reduce the cost of magnet. China Magnets Source is committed to delivering magnet at reasonable prices and makes your product more competitive in the market.

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