Packing and shipping magnets safely is a complicated work.

Packing and shipping magnets

Packing and shipping magnets safely is a complicated work. It needs specialized people to handle. Strong magnetic force is the only reason why we should handle magnet carefully.

There are no restrictions or requirements when transporting magnetized material by ground or sea. But when magnets are transported by air, they are regulated as dangerous goods.

This is because magnetic fields can interfere with the navigation, electronic equipment and control signal on aircraft, and IATA (International Air Transport Association) listed magnetic goods as Class 9 dangerous goods and also limited its delivery via air.

Therefore, have you ever wondered about how to ship magnetized materials like industrial magnets, magnetic assemblies and strong rare earth magnets by air?

Let’s find some useful information from IATA regulations:

If the maximum field strength observed at 7 feet is less than .002 gauss, or there is no significant compass deflection, the package is not restricted as “Magnetized Material”.

Above information gives us a clue: if magnet packages past inspection and get an Identification and Classification Report for Air Transport of Goods, then strong rare earth magnet can be sent via air.

Into order to past the inspection required by IATA DGR, we need to do some special treatment for magnet package.

How can we make a qualified magnet package for air transportation?

At present, ordinary iron sheet is the main material to realize magnetic field shield.

There must be a gap between the iron sheet and the magnet. And here can be filled with any non magnetic material as a support like foam.

For larger size magnet, it is difficult to reach total shielding requirements only by a single layer shielding material. We have two other ways to solve this problem.

  1. One is increasing thickness of the iron plate.
  2. The other is combination of shielding, putting one shielding into another shielding, leaving a certain gap between them.

Magnet for air transportation from China Magnets Source Material Ltd is well packed by iron boxes. And we have excellent professional express forwarders who help us to send magnet safely for many years. So low express cost and fast delivery time are available.

If you have any requirement for magnet or magnet assembly, please contact us freely.

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