Gifts With Powerful Magnets – Gift Ideas for Christmas & New Year

Gifts With Powerful Magnets is always creative and fun.

Christmas is the best time of the year. It is happy and so much fun to bring Christmas cheer and prepare gifts to the family and friends when everyone comes home.

Soon Christmas will come again! It is time to check the best Christmas gift ideas off the list and start wrapping things up.

China Magnets Source Material Limited is professional manufacturer of permanent magnet. Permanent neodymium magnet is a custom hardware. It can be used on almost anything you can imagine. Many of our clients are designer. They love projects involved in rare earth magnets because of fun, useful and very versatile! Therefore, their magnetic products are the most amazing gifts for Christmas and New Year. They can be any budget and are also popular, unique, meaningful that covers all ages and different genders.

Here’s a list of the Fun and Affordable Magnetic Gift Ideas. Your friends and family will actually want.

Magnetic Game

The Faceless is a unique cooperative experience where you move a compass that reacts with high detailed double-sided figures containing a magnet!


Buckyballs is super-strong magnetic desktoy with hundreds of uses. With the small magnetic spheres, you can always make new creations with cool tricks.

Magnetic Blocks Educational Toys for Kids

These magnetic blocks are incredibly easy to use. The extra powerful magnets in plastic frame allow children to snap blocks together easily and safely to create all sorts of designs and structures. Just stack them on top of each other or next to each other and the magnets do the work by quickly snapping together.

Magnetic Putty

Magnetic putty is made of regular silly putty mixing with iron oxide particles. The iron oxides magnetize the putty making it a million times more fun and entertaining than regular putty.

Fridge Magnet

Any small magnetic item attached on the refrigerator, using ferrite, rubber magnet or rare earth neodymium magnet with plastic, PVC, wood, glass, metal etc.

Magnetic pen for Functional & Fun

POLAR Pen is a modular pen, using 12 pieces rare-earth magnet rings. It has several features: pen, stylus, geometric instrument etc.

Eureka Pen

A meaningful totem with a fountain pen, that invites you to develop personally with expressive writing.

MAGNETIPS™ – Incredible Magnetic Pens

Refillable fineline is combined with super strong Neodymium magnets. Colouring is just the beginning!

Screw Holder

The Micaton Screw Holder composed with a neodymium ring magnet, plastic (ABS) and rubber (TPE). And there are many other screwdrivers on the market utilizing small disc NdFeB magnets. Google one if you need.

Pen Type-B


An elegant magnetic construction set in which each cubic block can be attached to either side of another block.


Unlike a deck of cards is it much easier to be creative and find unique ways to play. You can also use the pieces to build magnetic structures and experiment to find new ways to embrace the magnetic force.

Magnetic Lid Water Bottle

Bottle lid hides a rare earth magnet. Just stick it to the side of the stainless steel bottle & never lose your lid again.

Magnetic War Mats


Podo – The First Stick and Shoot Camera

Stick Podo anywhere to capture any moment and any angle, with full wireless control.