When it comes to uses of magnets in the home, I’m sure you’ve seen enough about fridge magnets on instagram.

If you’re looking for some different types and uses of magnets that you can use at home today, then you’ll love this share.

Except for refrigerator magnet – soft magnet, there are many super strong neodymium hard magnets used in daily life like toy bucky ball and magnetic bracelets.

These are also called rare earth magnets as they use elements such as neodymium and samarium that are classified as rare earth metals. They are small but very powerful, thus they can attract objects many times heavier than themselves.

10 uses of magnets in the home

Here is a list of amazing 10+ uses of magnet in the home. Whether you’re a student, worker, housewife or DIY enthusiast, there’s bound to be something here that will fit for your application.

And these examples demonstrate how magnets play an essential role in various aspects of our daily lives, from basic household items to advanced technologies.


Magnetic tools are tools that incorporate magnets into their design or function to assist in various tasks. These tools utilize the magnetic properties of magnets to attract, hold, or manipulate objects. Here are a few examples of magnetic tools:

  • Magnetic scrubber

Permanent magnets are widely used in aquarium cleaner because you don’t have to empty the tank or touch water any more. This also applies to narrow shape vast or glass door/window. If you want to DIY, follow these steps from DIY Hacks and How Tos. Magnetic Spot Scrubber also can be purchased online.

  • Magnetic gun mount

As all guns have something in common – metal, permanent magnets are ideal for builting gun mount. Use cheap big block ceramic magnets to build gun mount, insteading of small super-strong neodymium magnets or you can find free neodymium magnet in an abandoned computer hard drive. Follow step-by-step instructions by The ITS Crew and get yours.

  • Magnetic screen door

When summer comes, how to keep annoying mosquito or bug out is a big problem for many families, especially for those family that has baby. The magnetic mesh hands-free screen door curtains are the perfect solution to this problem; they are environmental protection without the use of pesticides and allow fresh air in. Buy one from bugoffscreen or do it by yourself follow steps from apexmagnets.

  • Magnetic pull bait plate

Fishing is so popular. There are special fishing TV stations introducing different fishing contest, fishing tips and fishing tackle. I am sure it’s one of the best-loved hobbies all over the world. Have you ever heard magnetic pull bait plate? It’s a fishing tool to adsorb fishhook for easy bait.

  • Magnetic jar holders

If you have many small things taking up room in your cabinets and drawers, and don’t have extra space to hold more things, let’s use magnetic jar. If you don’t know what type of magnets use on your jar, kjmagnetics has a test for you.

Small beer bottle caps are everywhere when you have fun with friends? Easy in assembly, magnetic bottle opener, first created by dropandcatch, can hold dozens of or even hundreds of caps a time.

  • Magnetic hanger

If you are a neat freaks and want everything in order, you’ll love this modern magnetic clothes hangers. These hook-free hangers make it easier to organize your closet.

No screws, just using permanent magnet to hold knife. Magnetic knife rack makes it easy for you to see and reach all your different knives when you cook. Want it, buy one from store online or make your own knife holder according to first4magnets it’s not a question.

  • Magnetic bookmark

Book lovers love this. There are lots of DIY tutorials to tell you how to make a magnetic bookmark with different material and magnets. Most of them use rubber magnet, here is an exception with ferrite magnet from housetweaking. Useful tools: Adhesive Magnets, Packing Magnets

  • Magnetic phone mount

Nowadays, we cannot live without mobile phone, then how to keep your phone in view all the time. Magnetic phone mount is one of best option. It also can be used to GPS in the car.

  • Magntic hammer

A magnetic hammer is a device that attempts to make it easier to pick nails up by using the power of magnets. Gluing a permanent magnet on the end of the handle, and then you also have one. Another awesome magnetic tool for hammer is ThumbSaver magnetic nail setter tool which can hold small nails and keep your thumb away from horrible hammer.

  • Magnetic tie clip

No needle anymore, so there is no harmful to your clothing. Convenient wearing and keep your tie aligned and on your shirt! Magnets on clothes: Magnetic Name Badge, MagneticClasps

  • Magnetic candle holder

Oscar diaz designed a magnetic candle holder named “tubo”, which can be slid up and down by permanent magnet.

  • Magnetic tool holder

Keep drill bits, nails, screws, wrenches etc. in order with a magnetic tool holder. Other usuful tools: magnetic hook,pot magnets

Although there is no enough data to support magnet can soft water, magnetic water treatment is still very popular, especially in Japan. And there are some experiments which show better growth of plant with magnetic water. If you are interested, just have a try.

  • Magnetic chopsticks

Magnetic chopsticks designed by nendo are more like a artwork: morden and expensive. Magnets are placed towards the outside of each chopstick, so that the chopsticks don’t come together accidentally while people is using them to eat.

This is a solution created by Zubits to make shoes easier for kids and adults alike. No tying, no knots, no squeezing, no laces coming undone, no sloppy bows. These magnetic shoe closures are quite simply, fastest and easiest way to get in and out of your own shoes!

  • Magnetic coffee cup

André Gouveia & Gonçalo Pimenta, using embedded magnets as connectors, designed a magnetic coffee cup set. Connected by permanent magnet, each set of saucer, and spoon turns into a whole.

  • Magnet fishing

Treasure hunters and tool droppers love to magnet fishing with powerful neodymium magnet. Of course, you can find interesting things once you do.

  • Magnetic cash money clip

If you don’t like to use wallet or purse jammed with cards, try magnetic cash money clip. Compact size and fashion appearance, magnetic money clips can keep your money aligned and keep your pocket without a bulge. Scott Amron have a simple design, click here to DIY.

inCharge Bolt, the smallest keyring cable in the world, designed by Lorenzo, Carlo and Paolo. As explained in incharge.rocks website: portable, powerful, magnetic, friendly,colorful and affordable.

No longer worry that someone might steal your bike light. Lucetta magnetic bike light, designed by Pizzolorusso, can be attached and taken off in an instant. In addition it can be placed wherever you want on your bike, and of course it is super-fun to use.


We all want our home to be well organized and tidy. Why not use some magnet to help you? When referring to magnetic storage in a household, it typically pertains to storage devices that utilize magnets to secure or organize items. Here are a few examples:

  • Magnetic cosmetics board

If you have some cosmetics laying around on the table, magnetic cosmetics board can help you out of this mess. It is a vertical storage for makeup collections supported by rare earth magnets and iron plate. How to Make a Magnetic Cosmetics Board step by step? Check here

  • Magnetic dutchman joint

Dutchman joint (also named dovetail key) is a type of woodwork joint used either to hold two or more wooden boards together or to keep two halves of a board that have already started to split from splitting further. With permanent magnet help, we can design a secret compartment to store power outlets or something else.

  • Magnetic container

No extra space in the junk drawers to organize your odds and ends? Let’s creat some by permanet magnet and different containers, such as water bottle and can. Just follow Christian Miller.

  • Magnetic toy rack

It is such a time-consuming task to organizing the kids’ rooms, especially when your kids have many toys and you don’t have enough storage space. If you have a boy with lots of toy cars, magnetic rack is a excellent solution for you to storage them.

  • Magnetic pin dish

Permanent magnets can be used to store pins, paper clips and needle. If pins are everywhere on your table, follow makery to make a beautiful magnetic pin dish.


A magnetic toy refers to a toy that incorporates magnets as a central feature or component. These toys utilize the attractive and repulsive properties of magnets to provide interactive play experiences. Magnetic toys are designed to be both entertaining and educational, promoting the development of various skills in children.

The POLAR Pen is a creation developed by designer Andrew Gardner. It’s more than a pen. By modular design, this magnetic pen can transform into endless possibilities: Pen spinning,compasses,bullets and so on.

  • Magnetic kids fishing game

Fishing game is a classic game for kids which you can buy from any toy shop. Why not make one at home? Follow Shaunte from ConsumerCrafts.com.

  • Magnetic wooden blocks

Cosmos is a set of magnetic wooden blocks beautifully designed for explorers of all ages. Designed by huzi, magnetic wooden blocks use neodymium magnets that attract together.

  • Magnet tree toy

“Bud” designed by Joshua is a decorative toy that plays with gravity and magnetic force. Imagine the ball growing point as the tree root and the soil, connect different color magnetic tree branches to a big tree. It needs concentration and patience far more than you expected. But this is a good toy to help teach children patience.

  • Magnetise body joints for warhammer

Comic fans love to collect all kinds of animation products, and some are good at DIY their anime heroes. You can use magnet as the body joins to connect every part of body. Follow Jimbo to see his tutorial for magnetising a forgefiend / maulerfiend – a chaos space marines

  • Magnetic scrabble

Scrabble is a board game in which players score points by forming words from a set of tiles with letters of the alphabet on them. Attaching or embedding disc ferrite magnets or neodymium magnets on the back of scrabble tiles, quite simple, you will get a set of magnetic scrabble.

  • Ferrofluid magnetic liquid display

Ferrofluid is a magnetic fluid that responds to strong magnetic fields. A interesting science toys that you can buy from myferrofluid.com.

  • Electromagnetic Train Toy

This electric train toy has the simplest structure. So how to create it using magnets? You can start when you get three materials in hand: some bare copper wire, two disc neodymium magnets and single battery.

Similar with above electromagnetic train, homopolar motor uses a single neodymium disc magnet, a single AA or C battery and a piece of copper wire. But the difference is homopolar motor is not practical at all. It’s just useful for demonstrating in classroom the effects of electromagnetism and how electric motors work.


Magnetic decorations are decorative items that incorporate magnets for hanging or mounting purposes. These decorations use the magnetic force to attach to metal surfaces, providing a convenient and versatile way to display or adorn various spaces. Here are some examples of magnetic decorations:

Magnetic nail polish is a new popular trend in nail design that uses iron filings in the polish that respond to a external magnet to form different patterns.

  • Magnetic succulents

Using wine stopper or wood candle cups and small permanent magnet, you can built your own mini succulent planter. Each has an embedded magnet to attach to metal window frames, doorframes, cabinets or refrigerator to to decorate your house. Kristi is an interior decorator-turned-blogger, and a DIY fanatic, watch what she does and then do likewise.

  • Magnetic festival holiday wreath

Many western families will hang wreaths of pine branches on their doors at Christmas. So what does this have to do with permanent magnet? On the one hand, you can hang festival holiday wreaths by super-strong neodymium magnet if your door is ferrous material. On the other hand, you can use small neodymium block or disc magnet to make Candy Wreath just like Jess did.

  • Magnetic beer bottle caps

When you’ve finished with your beer drinking, don’t throw out the beer caps. It can be used as decoration on refrigerator or any other metal plate. Generally, people choose disc ceramic magnets (like DIA 35mm x 6mm, D20x3mm) to fit inside a beer bottle cap. Click here to check how Blairgus did this.

  • Magnetic wood frame for artwork

Hanging artwork is a skilled job. The new and modern way to hang wall art is by rare earth neodyium magnets that has applied in many museums. Of course, you can DIY a magnetic wood frame at home like Dabney did.


Actually magnetic levitation technique is not a advanced technology, in addition to the application in various areas of aerospace and transportation, a lot of daily items also use this.

  • Levitating Speaker

Many floating maglev speaker are available nowadays. Don’t believe it? Check levitating-speaker.com

  • Levitation maglev kit

As wikipedia explained: maglev is a transport method that uses magnetic levitation to move vehicles without touching the ground. With maglev, a vehicle can move at very high speeds. Maglev train model is usually used for physics course demo, here is website you can buy levitation maglev kit for your lesson.

  • Levitating Light

Simon obtained successfully support of backers from kickstarter.com. Click flyte.se to see how it is going now.

  • Floating Maglev Display

How cool if you see a production displayed in magnetic levitation technology. Crealev can provide floating products and service, if you need, try to ask help from them.

  • Levitating Magnetic Bonsai Trees

Levitating speakers and lightbulbs seem almost out of date. This year, a new magnetic levitation product: Levitating Magnetic Bonsai Trees, designed by Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden, has successfully pledged $843,743 to help bring to life.


Using magnets in everyday life can offer various life tips and hacks. Here are a few examples:

The easiest, fastest, least expensive way to clean the inside of an engine, you can buy one from oilfiltermagnets or get neodymium magnet from an abandoned computer hard disk and attach it to the base of oil filter tank.
DIY: How to Make a Small Magnetic Assembly in Motorcycle Carburetor to Save Fuel

  • Remove Batteries from a battery holder

Too deep and narrow stubborn holders, and can’t get batteries out of them? You can ask for help from magnet. Just put the neodymium magnets over the battery, and it will slip right out immediately. Source from Windell Oskay

  • Stud Finder

Run a magnet along the wall, when you feel the pull force, you’ve attracted to a metal stud! Or, there is a stud you’ve found, you can use a magnet to distinguish to make sure. Souce from wikihow

  • Magnetic clips – curtain accessories

Magnetic curtain clips have two strong disc neodymium magnets connected with rope or something like that. It allows to hang, tie back and fold your curtains in a simple step. There is no doubt that you can buy some different style from BBLine or you can make them yourself by using the right size button, neodymium magnets and rope.

  • Hang data line
Hang data line
  • Magnetic screwdriver
Magnetic screwdriver
  • Pick-up tool

When knocked over a tool box, and nails scattered on the floor, put a magnet on the back of box, all nails will be attracted at once.

  • Magnetic switch hanger

Put a magnet behind your lightsswich to hold your keys.


In conclusion, I hope you have been inspired by the neodymium magnet uses above!

In fact, the powerful magnets in household items are far more than these. And I’m sure you can easily find 5 or 10 other uses of magnets in our daily life.

And what magnet tricks are you using? If we have missed any awesome magnet uses, please let us know too.