If you want to ask what is the strongest consumer magnet? Many people think it is rare earth NdFeB magnets, but if we go further, pot magnets should be the strongest nowadays.

Pot magnets are a type of NdFeB magnet that is encased in a steel housing, which helps to concentrates the magnetic field and protect the brittle magnets as well. Based on simple magnets that are constantly designed and optimized, they are perfect and flexible combination of size, magnetic strength, durability and fixing method.

Pot magnets have a wide range of uses and can be find in industrial, commercial, and household applications. But you may ask can it be used on my product? For this question, you can read more about the use and solutions offered by pot magnets as below or contact us directly to learn more about pot magnet uses.


Everything is about magnet mounted. No drilling or screwing and easily movable!

Pot magnets are mainly used for mounting products to any steel surface, or for model making, both construction or metal construction. Here are some pot magnet uses:

 pot magnet uses of cabinet door magnet

Magnetic cabinet closures are a type of hardware used to keep cabinet doors securely closed. They consist of two parts: a magnetic catch and a metal plate. The magnetic catch is installed on the inside of the cabinet door, while the metal plate is installed on the cabinet frame, opposite the catch.

They are a popular choice because they are easy to install, operate silently, and can be adjusted to provide different levels of holding force. They also eliminate the need for unsightly external hardware, such as knobs or handles, which can interfere with the clean lines of modern cabinet design.

 pot magnet uses of 3D printing plastic pot magnet

3D printing enthusiasts love powerful magnets. As they can be used to create innovative and unique designs with 3D printed objects.

By incorporating strong magnets into their creations, enthusiasts can add new levels of functionality and interactivity to their 3D printed models, such as snap-fit joints, hinges, and closures.

The combination of 3D printing technology and powerful magnets opens up endless possibilities for creating custom and personalized objects with a wide range of practical and artistic applications.

 pot magnet uses of woodworking pot magnet

Strong magnets can be a versatile and useful addition to woodworking projects, providing both functional and decorative options.

Magnets can used to create hidden compartments in custom woodworking projects. By embedding magnets into the furniture, you can create a secure and discreet way to store valuables or personal items.

Magnets can be used as latches or closures for doors, drawers, and cabinets. They provide a simple, effective, and hidden closure option that is easy to use.

 pot magnet uses of small pot magnet for pickup tool

Stray metal fragments inside engines and associated assemblies can cause major damage. Mechanics, maintenance workers, engineers, plumbers and electricians use this extendable magnetic pickup tool to retrieve nails, screws, washers, and any unwanted metal fragments from hard-to-reach places.

The magnetic pickup tool has a neodymium pot magnet at the tip and is ideal for retrieving nuts, screws and metal objects from hard-to-reach places.

If you are troubled by the small magnets that attract nails that are easy to break, we can provide you with epoxy-enclosed small magnets.

 pot magnet uses of Folding Bicycle Magnetic Buckle

Many strong neodymium pot magnets are using on bicycles. Powerful Neodymium pot magnet can hold your folded bike close. No need for those cumbersome straps.

And strong pot magnets are also used in the pedal systems for mountain, e-bikes and road bikes. They can enable you to release your foot quickly and easily from the pedal – so you can focus on your ride without fear of being clipped in during a crash.

Additionally, some bike lights use magnets to attach to the frame or handlebars, providing a convenient and secure mounting solution.

 pot magnet uses of magnetic hook for tool storage

Neodymium magnetic hooks is a versatile and useful tool for organizing and decluttering spaces, such as hanging keys, utensils, or towels in the kitchen or bathroom.

They also can be useful in offices and workshop for hanging papers and tools on metal cabinets or whiteboards. Other uses of pot magnets includes hanging plants, hanging decorations and organizing crafts.

If you plan to use them outdoors or in a humid environment, you need to pay attention to the plating of the magnet. When choosing a magnet, you can contact us for professional advice.

 pot magnet uses of light mount magnetic base

A magnet base for a light bar is a device that allows the light bar to be securely mounted onto a metal surface using magnetic force. They are commonly used on vehicles such as police cars, emergency vehicles, and construction vehicles. They provide a quick and easy way to mount a light bar onto the vehicle without the need for drilling or other permanent modifications.

Made from strong neodymium pot magnet, the magnet base typically consists of a flat, circular magnet that is attached to a sturdy metal plate or bracket. This allows them to hold the light bar securely in place even during high-speed movement or vibration. And rubber cover prevents scratches on painted surfaces.

 pot magnet uses of DIY tool rack magnet holder

Rectangular channel magnets are powerful and designed for heavy-duty mounting, holding, and fixing applications.

They are constructed with neodymium or ferrite block magnets encased in a steel channel. They have one or two countersunk holes for attaching M3 standard flat-head screws, nuts, and bolts.

These channel magnets can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, making them ideal for industrial and consumer mounting, holding, and fixing applications where high-magnetic strength is required.

 pot magnet uses of Acrylic Box Magnet Holder

The acrylic box is fixed perfectly with ferrite pot magnets.

The biggest difference between ceramic pot magnets and NdFeB pot magnets is the large size. So ceramic round base magnets are deal for holding and clamping applications requiring a large suction surface.

Because ferrite magnets don’t contain any rare earth elements, they are more durable in wet or corrosive environments and are cheaper to manufacture.

What’s more, they are more stable in high temperature environments (120° maximum operating temperature) and therefore may be more suitable for high temperature applications.


  • wall magnets
  • ceiling magnets
  • magnet fishing
  • exhibition display
  • camera mount
  • phone holder

Pot magnet function: connecting, fixing, holding, positioning, attracting, grasping, and hanging etc.


Both magnets are permanent magnets, but they are designed for different purposes.

Industrial magnets, which have been in use for decades, are widely used in industrial applications such as manufacturing, recycling, mining, and aerospace. But most people are still not familiar with it. This is because magnets are placed deep inside various application systems and operate efficiently and silently.

Consumer magnets are used in everyday objects such as refrigerator magnets, toys, and daily tools. With the development of the magnet industry and the discovery of new applications for magnets, more magnets, no longer hidden deep inside products, are used and seen directly in everyday life.

Is your business using strong pot magnet? You can share with us your pot magnet uses or need any assitant for choose pot magnet, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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