How to Dispose of Strong Magnets, Are They Recyclable?

The answer is of course yes. It is well known that the recycling of scrap metal has a long history. Magnets are also metal products and therefore can be recycled. But magnet recycling is different from ordinary metal. Magnets are mostly made of various rare earth materials. For the recycling of magnets, the main consideration is to recycle the different rare earth metals. Prior to 2010, the recycling of rare earths could be said to be very rare. Only pre-consumer sources of recycled rare earths exist within the magnet industry, i.e. scrap from the production of permanent magnets. And there is very, very little post-consumer recycling of rare earth-containing products.

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How to Glue Magnets to Plastic – ABS/Acrylic/Silicone

Gluing neodymium magnets to plastic is pretty straightforward. The steps involve cleaning the bonding surfaces thoroughly, applying the adhesive on plastic, placing the magnet where it needs to go, and then allowing the glue to dry undisturbed, and finally done. Handling a large volume of magnet adhesive assembly work, even with simple and repetitive steps, can indeed become quite tricky. But worry not, professional companies usually have their own tricks up their sleeves to manage this effectively.

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China Rare Earth Metal Prices Chart – PrNd Price and & DyFe Price

Since Neo magnet is made of PrNd metal, ndpr price chart can let you know recent price trend in time, which is helpful for magnet purchase. On November 23, Baotou Rare Earth Products Exchange Co., Ltd. issued a notice stating that the application submitted by Northern Rare Earth (currently the world's largest rare earth production, research, and trading base) for the suspension of special bidding transactions will take effect on November 24. This news immediately detonated the magnet industry, and all practitioners are discussing how the price of rare earth raw materials will go. On that day, the daily increase of praseodymium and neodymium metal materials exceeded RMB60,000/ton, and the ton price exceeded one million, while the last highest point was in 2011 (RMB 1.6 million per ton).

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Find The Best Way For Attaching Permanent Magnets To Wood

Woodworking magnets, also known as furniture magnets, are very popular fasteners. They can be used for everything from woodworking tools to tool organizers to doors, boxes and any other wooden item. Wood projects with high powered neodymium magnet can be installed quickly to keep the them in place. When utilizing rare earth magnets, there is a problem that many beginners to woodworks can't avoid: how to embed rare earth magnets in wood?

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High Neodymium Magnet Price Not Stopping Using Them on Consumer Goods

Super strong neodymium magnet is ideal accessories when it comes to product development. Neodymium magnets can help a new unique product to fill a niche or improve existing products, and thus help many companies find new growth in performance or even make a new company. For example, magnetic lacing solution of ZUBITS, magnetic wall mounted bottle opener of DropCatch, magnetic spice jars of Gneiss Spice etc. When you have a unique magnet design for a new product, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement. However, before you dive right into developing your product, it’s important to take a step back and think about how much it will actually cost to bring your magnetic concept to life. The cost of neodymium magnets may get out of control if you’re not careful.

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Everything You Need to Know About Shipping Magnets By Sea & By Air

2021 has been a very difficult year for many customers who do import and export around the world. They not only have to face significant price increases for products such as chip, steel, rare earth magnets, but also shipping issues. Due to the continuous development of the global epidemic, the latter now facing greater uncertainty. This uncertainty includes shipping costs and delivery time. But don't worry, China Magnets Source can help you produce magnets and provide stable magnet shipping solutions as well. Many customers who were worried about the shipping cost of magnets eventually chose us to arrange the shipping of magnets after a comparison of shipping costs.

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Precision Customised Magnetic Assemblies Manufacturing

Magnet component, for the magnet industry, refer to component assembled from permanent magnets and metal, non-metal or other materials according to specific requirements. It can also be called magnet assembly, magnet device or magnet system, which is an important form of realizing the functions of magnetic materials. These functions include installation, holding, lifting, display, separation, etc. And this kind of magnetic assembly can be a finished product used in daily life, or it can be an accessory used on a certain machine. As supplier of CERN, we provide high-quality rare earth magnets and component for the world's largest accelerator project. Maybe our price is not the cheapest. But, our world-class team of experienced and knowledgeable staff members are committed to manufacturing all kinds of custom magnet component, assembly. And we are super duper easy to work with as well. We might be the only company in magnet industry that you can reach 24/7.

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Custom MagSafe Magnets Ring | Magnet Array Vendor

Apple’s iPhone 12 model features a new wireless charging solution, as well as a new generation of MagSafe. Using custom wireless charging magnet array - a built-in strong magnets ring, it can be compatible with magnetic accessories such as mobile phone cases, chargers and wallets. The magnetic wireless charging of iPhone 12 can be simply understood as adding a circle of magnets to the original wireless charging. The strong attractive force of the NEO magnet allows the mobile phone and the wireless charger to locate each other accurately and easily, thereby entering a more efficient wireless charging state.

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China Suppliers Need To Raising Prices and Why?

Chinese factories have been very busy lately because there are so many orders from their foreign customers, some of which are scheduled directly until mid-2021. Usually, China factories should make a lot of money during this period, but this time it is not the case. Therefore Chinese suppliers want to increase the price of their products. Magnet price is one of them. You may be wondering why? This article analyzes the reasons from the following four aspects. The exchange rate fell from 7.0 to 6.5 in three months, eating up nearly 8% of profits. This makes many companies almost no profit. Assuming an order of 1 million US dollars, if the factory signs the contract in August and delivers the goods in November, the profit of the factory will shrink by RMB 500,000, which is equivalent to work in vain.

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Neodymium Price Chart 2020

Wanna know neodymium magnet price trend recently? Just check China rare earth metal Pr-Nd price on the internet, it can only be said that it was on a rocket like the Chang'e-5 probe. On November 24, the price of praseodymium and neodymium metal rose by 37,000 yuan per ton compared to the previous day. On November 25, the price per ton rose by 50,000 yuan to 557,500 yuan/ton. Compared with the price at the beginning of November, the increase was 33.5%. The cost of rare-earth materials is relatively high on permanent magnet production (some as high as 88.28%, the lowest is more than 50%), so midstream manufacturers of rare-earth permanent magnet are more affected by the fluctuation of upstream rare earth prices.

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Automation Equipment Helps Magnet Manufacturing Increase Production Capacity

As the market demand for NdFeB magnets continues to increase, magnet manufacturers have begun to look for ways to increase production capacity. At the same time, rising labor costs and difficulty in recruiting workers have forced magnet plants to consider ways to reduce labor costs by reducing the number of workers they use. At this point, "automation" has undoubtedly become the golden key for permanent magnet manufacturers to solve the problem. In terms of applications of permanent magnet materials, the automotive sector is the largest with 35%, followed by various types of loudspeakers and miniaturized electroacoustic devices with about 30%, and other areas including computer disk drives with 10%.

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China Industrial Magnet Manufacturers | Top Magnet Suppliers

Since 1990, China Magnets Source Material Limited has been a professional industrial magnet manufacturer including neodymium magnets, smco magnets, ferrite magnets, alnico magnets and magnetic assembly. Whether you are looking for standard size magnets, such as small neodymium magnets disc in the size of D15 x 3 mm, D20 x 2 mm and NdFeB Block Magnets in the size of 1.5 inch x 0.75 inch x 0.5 inch, 2″ x 3/8″ x 1/8″, or custom neodymium magnets to use as one of the most important parts of different machines or equipments or applications, china magnets source material limited provides the best specific permanent magnet solution for your application requirements.

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Voice Coil Motor / Actuator Magnets Manufacturer | China Magnets Source

Magnets, expecially rare earth magnets are high-value accessories for motor. How to choose a magnet for voice coil motor? This question is very important and related to the performance and the production cost of motor. When selecting the material of the voice coil motor magnet, we need to consider factors such as system performance, magnet working environment and cost. Ceramic magnets are popular for use in linear actuators because of low cost, reliable supply, good resistance to demagnetization and reasonable magnetic strength. If a higher energy material is required, then samarium cobalt or neodymium magnets must be considered.

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Custom Industrial Magnets for Motor – NdFeB/SmCo, Segment/Flat

China Magnets Source Material Limited provides tailor-made magnets for many types of motors, generators, and actuators. Magnetic materials play important roles in a wide range of devices for industry. By far the most important of the many industrial uses of magnet is motor. The magnets create motion for motor. And the permanent magnet motor has the advantages of high efficiency, large torque, and constant speed with load. Compared with synchronous motors, it can draw less amount of current. When designing a motor, the choice of magnet has a significant impact on the overall performance of the motor and the cost of the project. So you need to know how to choose the right magnets for motor.

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How To Separate Two Strong Rare Earth Magnets Stuck Together

Rare earth magnets, such as neodymium iron boron magnets, are known for their remarkable strength and durability. These super-strong permanent magnets find applications in various fields, from engineering and manufacturing to hobbies and science experiments. In general, when packaging magnets, we use various spacers as needed to separate the magnets from each other, making it easier to handle them when needed. However, in cases of excessive magnetic force, these spacers may dislodge. And when it comes to separating magnets, especially if they are particularly large or thin, it can be a challenging task.

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Permanent Magnets In Medical Devices – Medical Ventilators To Help Fight The New Coronavirus In China

Have you ever wondered what magnet industry can do to help fight the new coronavirus? Bingo, making magnets in medical devices. The large-scale outbreak of the new coronavirus caused that masks, infrared instruments, protective clothing and other medical protective materials in hospital are running out. Many companies producing related products gave up their vacations and raced against time to produce protective products. Even iPhone manufacturer Foxconn start to make masks now. We mentioned many times that permanent magnets are used in many medical devices, such as nuclear magnetic resonance instruments, magnetic biological separators, dental devices, and medical ventilators. With the increasing number of confirmed cases, the demand for medical ventilator is also increasing.

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Rare Earth Magnets China To U.S. Under Trade War 2019

Last month, China and the U.S. just signed the Phase 1 deal to ease the hostilities. Have you ever wondered what happened to the rare earth magnets that were once the center of the trade war? What percentage of 2019 rare earth magnet China shipments to U.S. have grown from year ago? China is the world’s largest manufacturer of rare earth magnets. The rare earth magnets are widely used in medical devices, commercial appliances, defence, engineering and scientific research. They are not only critical part to many of the devices that enrich our lives. Such as microphones, headphones and loudspeaker. Neodymium iron boron magnets are key component in the drivetrain motor of electric vehicles (EVs). Permanent rare earth magnets come in two types, one is neodymium magnets, the other is samarium cobalt. Compared with other magnets, these two are the most used. Because they can deliver more power relative to their size.

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Waterproof Rubber Coated Neodymium Pot Magnets

Looking for mounting magnets used on painted surfaces? Our rubber coated neodymium magnets can fits this requirement perfectly. Mounting magnets are a popular tool designed specially for storage, hanging and organizing function. They are made by super strong rare earth permanent magnets. However these magnets are very brittle and hard which is can’t work on painted surfaces. To avoid any scratch mark, we can add a layer of environment-friendly black rubber on neodymium magnets. This rubber cover can protect not only the painted surface, but also other sensitive surfaces like glass, plastics, or any highly finished surface. The rubber mountable magnets are also called encapsulated magnet or encased magnets. The soft rubber layer avoid direct contact with the magnet on the metal surface, protect strong magnets from any chipping, cracking and breaking in normal application. It extends its service life.

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NdFeB For Magnetic Bead Separation Racks | Rare Earth Magnets for Lab Instruments & Equipments

NdFeB magnets for magnetic bead separation racks is another magnet application for laboratory instruments & equipment. In previous article, we introduced different rare earth magnets for magnetic stir rod. Magnetic Bead Separations System is a laboratory tool that can efficiently isolate all types of magnetic beads efficiently. It is also a popular magnetic bead separation devices for life scientist. This biological separations system consists of three parts: the magnetic bead, test tube and magnetic bead separation rack. Among them, magnetic bead separation rack is the core part of this product. They are specially designed for rapid and effective small-scale separations between liquid and magnetic beads. The magnetic separator racks has many different structures, but all of magnetic separation racks will made rare earth magnets embedded housing. These powerful magnets will capture the magnetic beads in 10-20 seconds.

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Stir Magnet – Rare Earth Magnets For Lab Instruments & Equipments

Have you ever thought that rare earth magnets could be used on stirring tools in laboratory applications? Just follow below article to learn stir magnet! What is magnetic stirrer? Stirrer is an essential instruments/equipment/device for chemistry and biology experiments in scientific laboratory. And magnetic stirrer is one of important stirrer for liquid mixing. Magnetic mixer employs a rotating magnetic field to cause a magnetic stir bar immersed in a liquid to spin very quickly, thus stirring it. It is mainly used for stirring or heat stirring low viscosity liquids or low viscosity solid-liquid mixture. The magnetic stirrer consist of magnetic stir plate and magnetic stir bar. The stir plate is to provide the rotating field by permanent magnet or a set of stationary electromagnets. And then this rotating external magnetic field will spin the magnetic stir element placed in the container.

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Tiny Magnets For Eyelashes – Tiny Super Strong Magnets On Novel Product

Have you ever wondered using tiny magnets for eyelashes? Now it is the time to put the tiny tube of glue down, the magnetic false lashes are a thing now. When you search #magnetic on Instagram, #magneticlashes appears in the third row of Instagram Suggests. What Is Magnetic Eyelashes? Magnetic eyelashes are a new method surpassing traditional eyelashes extension. These extensions use tiny magnets to achieve your lash look. How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work? Tiny rectangular magnet attached to the eyelashes that hold the false lashes to each other and to your natural lash line. And the another simpler usage is to work with magnetic eyeliner. The magnetic lashes can be attached to eyeliner directly. Magnetic lashes are easy to apply and reusable. It can promise to free you from the messiness of adhesive glue and gummy residue left on natural lashes. Tiny Magnets For Sale

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What’s the Difference Between N35 & N52 Magnets?

When it comes to buying super strong rare earth permanent magnets in bulk, neodymium magnets are the world’s strongest magnet you can buy. If you want to intuitively know the comparison of different magnetic material, the below chart shows the magnet size and weight needed for different magnetic materials to attract a 5kg iron. The neodymium magnets strength depends on raw material grade, working temperature, magnetization, magnetized area, shape and size. Under room temperature working environment, grades N45, N48, N50, N52 are good choice of super strong neodymium magnets when you need strong magnetic force as high as possible. N52 magnets are the strongest, most expensive and more brittle. Grade N35 Magnets are the weakest and least expensive grade in the neodymium magnet industry. N42 magnets is the most chosen neodymium magnet grade because it is a perfect balance between magnetism and price.

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6 Tips To Choose Right Magnet Manufacturers In China

Magnet manufacturers in China are arguably the most important producer and exporter of permanent magnet as they provide over 90% rare earth magnet products. This is far more than any other country in the world. So when it comes to buying custom permanent magnet in bulk, china magnet manufacturers will be your first choice. Everyone has their own unique experience in choosing suppliers. Magnet price is a very important selection factor, but not the only one. Because you need to worry about whether the magnet company will use cheap materials to offer the lowest price. And if use recovered materials, it will let your product quality be affected. Here is a list of special tips to help you to choose most suitable magnet manufacturers in China. 1.ANALYSIS OF SUPPLIER WEBSITES Read the description of rare earth magnet factory and their products carefully, professional magnet companies describe their products in detail, unprofessional companies is extremely simple.

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What Are Pot Magnets Used For?

Looking for strong custom pot magnets? We can help you today! China Magnets Source can produce all type of standard and custom pot magnets according to your requirement. Cup magnets are widely used for home or Industrial, such as clamping in automation devices, door closers, tool clamps, jigs, provide a magnetic base mount for light, lamp, clocks, machine mirrors, etc.

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Wholesale Rare Earth Magnets – China Magnets Source is Your First Choice

China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of rare earth permanent magnets. When come to wholesale rare earth magnets, China magnets source is the first and best choice. Here we have a very complete and mature industrial chain from rare earth raw materials, subsequent machining, electroplating, technical personnel, skilled worker to magnet delivery. Abundant Resources for Rare Earth Materials Here is a description from WiKi: It is estimated the world has 99 million tonnes of rare earth reserve deposits. China’s reserves are estimated to be 36 million tonnes or roughly 30 percent of the world’s total reserves. wholesale rare earth magnets Due to the mix of China’s abundance of rare earths and their capacities for production, the cost of labor, and stringent environmental regulations, large mining companies such as Molycorp closed one after the other. With the decreased pool of international competitors, China began to hold more power in the distribution of rare earth products.

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Custom Neodymium Arc Magnets – Wholesale Large & Small Curved Magnets

Neodymium arc magnets are strong curved rare earth magnets. With unique shape – segment, a set of diametrically arc magnets can be used to form a ring. Arc magnets make up for the shortcomings of ring magnets. They are the most popular shape of permanent magnets and typically used in permanent magnet motors, generators and torque couplings, pumps, magnetic bearing, halbach. What's more, can you imagine it? It can also be used for Magnetic Nail Polish!China Magnets Source Material Limited has been assisting customers for many years with their custom NdFeB arc magnets applications. Our ISO certified curved magnet factory can optimize design and then manufacture the specific individual arc magnet or entire magnetic assembly to meet the special requirement of customer. When you ask for arc neodymium magnets price, engineering drawing is important and necessary to provide us to avoid any misunderstanding of the dimensions.

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Where to Buy Magnets – Magnet Factory or Online Magnet Store?

Have you ever asked where to buy magnets when you are not familiar with this? There are many channels on the market that can buy magnets. When you search for magnets in Google, you get thousands of purchase channels. But where is it easier to buy? And how can I order the most suitable rare earth magnet? Is there any magnet purchase guide? Okay, let’s get started. If you want to buy neodymium magnets for crafts or fridge or magnet fishing, to buy magnet on-line store is a good and convenient choice. Generally, their large inventory of permanent magnets with normal disc, block, ring can meet your requirement for crafts magnets. There are many online magnet stores when you google, such as amazon. And you can find permanent neodymium magnet in a hardware store or science shop or stationery shop locally, if you want to ask where to buy magnets near me in Tokyo, Melbourne, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Singapore, UK, USA, Romania, Canada, or Germany, etc.

Where to Buy Magnets – Magnet Factory or Online Magnet Store?2020-09-17T13:28:21+08:00

Countersunk Rare Earth Magnets

Countersunk rare earth magnets are permanent rare earth magnets with countersunk holes. Generally, the countersunk holes are parallel to magnetization direction. The countersunk holes provide a convenient way to attach the magnets onto almost any flat surface securely using a matching screw. Therefore, they are convenient organizer with limitless uses at work and in life, such as magnetic door latches, magnetic tool holder, cabinet closures, magnetic light base, magnetic gun holder and more mounting applications. China Magnets Source Material Limited provide high quality countersunk magnets in both neodymium and samarium cobalt materials. If you need neodymium magnets with hole or countersunk holes, please buy ring magnet or countersunk magnet directly. China Magnets Source Material Limited can produce countersunk magnets according to customers' requirements. Tell us the size, coating, quantity, and get a free quote now!

Countersunk Rare Earth Magnets2020-08-26T21:58:43+08:00

SmCo Magnet Manufacturers – Buy Samarium Cobalt Magnets From Factory

China Magnets Source Material Limited is a Chinese supplier of rare earth permanent magnets, including Neodymium magnet and Samarium cobalt. Compared to NdFeB magnets, SmCo magnets offers unique capabilities such as higher energy density at elevated temperatures. Their maximum operating temperature is ≥250 °C, which strongly exceed those of NdFeB permanent magnets. SmCo flux output varies much less with respect to temperature, meaning the device performance can truly be optimized. Another difference with NdFeB magnets is that the supply risk and price instability of SmCo magnets do not depend on the rare-earth element – Sm, but rather on the cobalt in the magnet alloy. Therefore, the price of Samarium Cobalt block material is more stable. As smco5 & sm2co17 magnet manufacturer, we supply Samarium Cobalt for mass production at factory price. But we also custom smco magnets for prototype development and low-volume production.

SmCo Magnet Manufacturers – Buy Samarium Cobalt Magnets From Factory2020-08-26T21:58:44+08:00

GBD Process NdFeB Magnet

Rare earth prices have gone up again recently. If you want to ask how to deal with rising price of rare earth, GBD process NdFeB magnet is a good solution for high-end neodymium magnets. NdFeB permanent magnets are made of rare earths. These rare earths are Neodymium, Praseodymium, Dysprosium and Terbium. They are used to achieve the desired magnetic properties. NdFeB rare earth magnets have the highest energies densities because of the outstanding magnetic properties. Due to the tetragonal crystal structure, the Nd2Fe14B compound can create up to the highest magnetic energy product available in the world, even up to 62MGOe in energy density. The application fields for NdFeB rare earth magnets range from simple holding solution for daily supplies up to high-end applications for the aerospace industry. China Magnets Source Material Ltd can produce permanent neodymium magnets for different applications. Meanwhile, we provide customized service. You can consult us according to your application requirements.

GBD Process NdFeB Magnet2020-09-10T14:00:57+08:00

Rare Earth Magnet of Accelerator For CERN

China Magnets Source Material Limited has been committing to working with various research institutions around the world. We supply them high-quality rare-earth magnets. CERN is one of them. CERN is a non-profit European intergovernmental organization with 22 member states plus 8 associate members. As the biggest scientist machine in the world, it is prestige and has 7000 physicists from more than 500 research institutes worldwide use the CERN installations for their experiments. CERN invented the World Wide Web (www) and found the Higgs Boson. Therefore, it’s also a great honor to work with CERN. In the past, the use of permanent magnets in the CERN Accelerator Complex was marginal. In the recent years, new projects use more and more permanent rare earth magnets for accelerator.

Rare Earth Magnet of Accelerator For CERN2020-08-26T21:58:47+08:00

Rare Earth Magnet Price Hit by Trade War?

Recently, the customers whose rare earth magnets buy from China are very worried about the price of rare earth material. For suppliers, these days are also sleepless nights. Neodymium and Praseodymium are rare earth elements. In short, it is NdPr. Rare Earth metal is the most important raw material for rare earth neodymium magnet and rare earth samarium cobalt magnet. It is the core raw material enabling the next industrial revolution – E-mobility. More than 85% of all electric passenger cars and mild hybrids are using the NdFeB permanent magnet motor technology which relies on this raw material. For a long time, the raw material price is relatively stable. Until 2010, Japan detained a Chinese fishing trawler captain. China ban rare earth exports to Japan after that. And then rare earth prices were skyrocketed, especially PrNd Mischmetal and Ferro-dysprosium material.

Rare Earth Magnet Price Hit by Trade War?2020-09-10T13:21:16+08:00

Permanent Magnet hit by US Tariffs?

Permanent Magnet hit by US Tariffs? Early this month, one of our US customers emailed us that they are worried about the Trade War, as their customs broker had sent them this saying that there would be a 25% tariff increase for permanent magnet. In the meantime, they attached a document named Chinese Goods Hit by US Tariffs and added: The 8505.11.00 was listed in the first round of increases (25% of the value) and again in the more recent third round. are earth is very important for U.S. industry, and so it is rare earth magnets. They have broad applications in industry and daily life, ranging from engines to consumer electronics to radars and lasers. As everyone knows, China is the world’s primary manufacturer of rare earth magnets and the biggest supplier to the United States. If the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) increase the tariff of permanent magnet from China up to 25%, it would have affected quite a lot of U.S. products and hurt industry, consumers finally.

Permanent Magnet hit by US Tariffs?2020-08-26T21:58:49+08:00

Gifts with Powerful Magnets

Gifts With Powerful Magnets is always creative and fun. Christmas is the best time of the year. It is happy and so much fun to bring Christmas cheer and prepare gifts to the family and friends when everyone comes home. Soon Christmas will come again! It is time to check the best Christmas gift ideas off the list and start wrapping things up. China Magnets Source Material Limited is professional manufacturer of permanent magnet. Permanent neodymium magnet is a custom hardware. It can be used on almost anything you can imagine. Many of our clients are designer. They love projects involved in rare earth magnets because of fun, useful and very versatile! Therefore, their magnetic products are the most amazing gifts for Christmas and New Year. They can be any budget and are also popular, unique, meaningful that covers all ages and different genders. Here’s a list of the Fun and Affordable Magnetic Gift Ideas. Your friends and family will actually want.

Gifts with Powerful Magnets2020-08-26T21:58:50+08:00

Magnet Price per kg? – Everything You Need to Know About Magnet Price

A price request question often asked: do you have price list of permanent magnets? We will be happy to provide pricing for any magnet you may need, but there is no price list, neither disc neodymium magnet price, nor samarium cobalt magnet price. We supply rare earth magnets as a manufacturer, but not a magnet store or magnet shop online. In our stock, there are magnet raw materials, but not ready-made magnet. We didn’t start making magnets until the customer placed an order. Magnet is not standard hardware. All our strong magnets are customized according to your requirement. Price of rare earth magnets is not stable in the past few years. Especially in 2011, rare earth magnet prices spiked to unprecedented levels. We provide magnets in bulk with factory direct prices, and will be very glad to customize unique magnet sample for your research. When you need strong magnet price, please provide us the magnet information as specific as possible.

Magnet Price per kg? – Everything You Need to Know About Magnet Price2022-04-01T16:31:28+08:00

Mannequins Joint Pot Magnets

Mannequins Joint Pot Magnets is a cup magnet designed for Mannequins that fit at joints. China Magnets Source Material Limited is a professional permanent magnets manufacturer over 20 years. We are specialized in providing customized strong magnet and magnetic assembly for mannequins joint all over the world. Neodymium permanent magnets have strong magnetic force and are an ideal connector or magnetic joint for many products like gun mount, furniture, aquarium, acrylic frame, car light base, packing, clasp, cell phone magnetic holder and so on. Would like to try with some magnet samples before bulk buy? We can arrange sample production and send you to help your design come true in the shortest time. Or if you don’t know what magnet to use, we can help you choose right magnet and provide professional advice.

Mannequins Joint Pot Magnets2020-08-26T21:58:53+08:00

10+ Amazing Uses of Powerful Magnets for Household Items in The Home

When it comes to house uses of magnets, I’m sure you’ve seen enough about fridge magnets on instagram. If you’re looking for some different magnet applications that you can use at home today, then you'll love this share. Except for refrigerator magnet – soft magnet, there are several hard magnets used in daily life like toy bucky ball and magnetic bracelets. These are also called rare earth magnets as they use elements such as neodymium and samarium that are classified as rare earth metals. They are small but very powerful, thus they can attract objects many times heavier than themselves. Neodymium magnet is one type of rare earth magnets which can be seen in many daily goods including headset, guitars, speakers, cordless tools and even hybrid vehicles. Also below is a list of 55 amazing neodymium magnets household applications that you can easily implement at your home. Whether you’re a student, worker, housewife or DIY enthusiast, there’s bound to be something here that will fit for your application.

10+ Amazing Uses of Powerful Magnets for Household Items in The Home2023-07-12T16:35:13+08:00
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