Do You Know How to Embedding Magnets In Wood?

Woodworking magnets also known as furniture magnets. They are very popular fasteners for furniture.

They can be used for everything from woodworking tools to tool organizers to doors, boxes and any other wooden item. Wood projects with high powered neodymium magnet can be installed quickly to keep the them in place.

When utilizing rare earth magnets, there is a problem that many beginners to woodworks can’t avoid: how to embed rare earth magnets in wood?

Find Your Way of Embedding Magnets in Wood - Glue or Screw?

How To Attach Magnets To Wood?

Like other products, the magnets are fixed to the wood using glue or screws. If strong magnetic force is used across the board, where the magnet is hidden inside, and only glue is enough. If the magnet is a direct working surface and the object to be sucked up also has a strong or greater magnetic force, the glue + screw fixing method will be firmer, such as door catch magnet.

Before assembly, we need to pay attention to the following points.

  1. Even little NEO magnets have ultra-strong magnetic force, be careful and try to keep away from ferrous metals when installing.
  2. Magnets are usually embedded or fully wrapped in the wood, but the hole where the magnet is placed should not be too large.
  3. The glue will bond better with rough surfaces. The surface of NiCuNi plating is smooth. When roughing the magnet surface, be careful not to completely harm the plating.
  4. Make sure magnet surface to be glued is clean and dry.
  5. Woodworking magnets are NdFeB magnets used under room temperature. They need to be careful to avoid using glue with too high temperature, such as hot melt glue.
  6. Magnets are very brittle. When fixing countersunk hole magnets with screws, the screws should not be tightened too much so that the force of the screws will not break these fragile magnets.

How To Hide Magnets In Wood?

When you want to hide the magnet in a wooden board, first you need to drill (chisel out) a hole, then use glue to fix the magnet inside, and finally cover it with a thin wooden board. We need to choose different magnets according to the thickness of the board that the magnetic force needs to go through, so that we can achieve the pull force we want. Try to make the magnet closer to working surface, also can reduce the loss of magnetic force.

The magnets hidden in the wood meet perfectly the highest demands for aesthetics, stability and productivity. Magnet-driven connecting fittings from lamello is a magnetic tool. It makes full use of the hidden magnets and becomes a great joining system solution for furniture.

What Glue Works For Embedding Magnets In Wood?

The best glue for magnets to wood is epoxy. And there are many different types of epoxy on the market to choose from. For smooth surfaces like coated magnets, you usually need to choose a more pliable (softer) epoxy rather than a harder and more rigid epoxy. A soft epoxy glue allows the interface to be more flexible and not easy to break when there is a slight pulling force between the magnet and the bond.

Best Glue For Magnets To Wood

The types of glue listed below are all ideal for bonding magnets to wood. The names may vary from brand to brand. You can consult the glue manufacturer for details. Read more from Epoxy for woodworking: A guide on using epoxy adhesive for wood projects

  • Two-part epoxy glue
  • Silicone adhesive
  • Gorilla glue
  • Super Glue
  • Crazy glue
  • Liquid Nails
  • JB Weld
  • Mod Podge
  • Sugru

Related Questions

Can Magnets Attract Objects Made Of Wood?

All magnets have the ability to attract other magnets or magnetic objects (such as iron and some other metal objects). Mounting a magnet or iron plate on the wood allows that magnets attract objects made of wood. This is also how to magnetize wood.

Can Magnets Work Through Wood?

Yes, the magnetic force of Neo magnet can penetrate a wood with ordinary thickness to achieve the function of fixing and suction. However, there will be some loss when the pull force work through the wood, and suction force will be relatively reduced. If your magnet needs to work through wood, you need to choose the one with stronger force.

For very thick wooden boards, the magnetic force is decrease a lot after passing through the board. Therefore, when packing large pieces of powered NdFeB magnet, hard thick wooden boards are often used as spacers/gaskets.

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