China Magnets Source Material Limited is a Professional Custom Permanent Magnet Manufacturer for Industry and Home Use.

If you want to find a custom permanent magnet manufacturer in china, China Magnets Source is your right choice.

We have been providing high quality rare earth magnets & precision magnetic assemblies worldwide since 1990, such as German, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Slovenia, Turkey, America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Australia.

From the beginning, we have believed in creating strong partnerships with our customers.

This commitment to our customers is demonstrated by fast speed of response to customer’s requirement; making available experienced engineers; knowledgeable direct sales; and partnering with world class logistics companies who know how to delivery magnet worldwide safely and quickly.

At China Magnet Source, the commitment to our clients compels us to protect the supply chain, drive cost efficiency, and hold quality to the highest standard. Therefore quality in our people, quality in our services, and quality in our products, continues to be our most important parts.

We’d like to provide assistance to your magnet project, no matter mature or prototype, with our rich magnet production experience.

If you have any questions, comments or enquiry, please feel free to contact us.

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