6 Tips To Choose Right Magnet Manufacturers In China

Magnet manufacturers in China are arguably the most important producer and exporter of permanent magnet as they provide over 90% rare earth magnet products. This is far more than any other country in the world.

So when it comes to buying custom permanent magnets in bulk, china magnets source will be your first choice.

Everyone has their own unique experience in choosing RIGHT magnet manufacturers in China.

Magnet price is a very important selection factor, but not the only one. Because you need to worry about whether the magnet company will use cheap materials to offer the lowest price. And if use recovered materials, it will let your product quality be affected.

6 Tips To Choose Right Magnet Manufacturers In China

Here is a list of special tips to help you to choose most suitable magnet manufacturers in China.


Read the description of rare earth magnet factory and their products carefully, professional magnet companies describe their products in detail, unprofessional companies is extremely simple. Professional companies have usually supply good quality magnets. This is primarily due to their experience in manufacturing that particular product since years.


Rare earth magnet are non-standard product and normally used as metal parts of equipment or products. A qualified magnet contained high quality raw material, tight tolerance and good appearance. There is no doubt that most of China permanent magnet suppliers can provide high quality magnets for oversea customers.


Too many magnet factories in China, there is intense competition in China magnet industry. Therefore, the magnet prices are quite transparent. If you ask permanent magnet price from several companies, you will get the approximate magnet price level.


Depending on magnet production and processing equipment, manufacturing experience, and product positioning, different magnet suppliers may offer different product lines with different strengths. Some magnet suppliers specialize in producing high-end, complex shaped, large-sized, or miniature magnets; others specialize in producing industry-specific magnetic components. Therefore, it is best to look for an industrial magnet supplier that is familiar with the type of magnet you are using.

Due to the fragile nature, permanent magnets can easily chip or break during machining. They are not easily machined and special care needs to be given when machining and handling. These magnet plants with precision machining capabilities would be a good choice. Because they can produce complex shape magnets. Together with a full range of testing equipment, they can ensure that custom rare earth magnets are delivered accurately.


Choosing right magnet is not always that easy as magnets are unlike other commodities and, in fact, they should not be treated as commodities at all. So you need a “custom solutions” provider with capabilities that range from standard or custom magnets to fully integrated magnetic designs.

Professional manufacturers can provide advice for product design and optimization, and help you to choose the right magnet too. This will save your time and money. So if you don’t know anything about magnets, ask them directly. An experienced company will give you valuable advice.


The magnet factory with complex management usually take more time from arrange production to final magnet shipment. And the magnet factory that don’t have the right raw materials, need extra time to make material or find right material, so the delivery time is also very long. What’s more, the magnet company that has an excellent logistics partner will help you deliver the magnet goods more smoothly. So please make sure the magnet vendor that you are working with can meet your scheduling needs.

China Magnets Source Material Limited has been producing cost effective permanent magnet products for our global partners since 1990. Our highly skilled staff has extensive experience in providing solutions to your any need of magnet and drives our goal of continuous improvement and innovation.

If you are looking for an exceptional rare earth magnet manufacturer that will listen to you and deliver what you expect, email us, we are ready to serve you.

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