custom shaped permanent magnets
big neodymium magnet ring

China Magnets Source: the Most Professional Magnet Supplier of All Time

China Magnets Source Material Limited is the most complete and trusted powerful permanent magnet supplier on the market. We enjoy providing high quality permanent rare earth magnets with favorable price, high quality, and good customer service for customers all over the world.

Custom Shapes

T, Oval, Bullet, Needle

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Arc Shapes

Bread, Tile, Wedge, Curved Magnets

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Block Shapes

Rectangular, Square, Cube, Plate

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Disc Shapes

Cylinder / Rod / Round

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Countersunk Shapes


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Why Buy Magnet From Us?

Manufacturing Capacity – we custom magnet products. Our products range from neodymium to smco, alnico and ferrite materials; from magnet to magnetic components, from simple to complicated shapes, from sample & prototype to large volumes.

Stable Resource – Reliable procurement channel for raw materials and strict material testing process ensure product performance.

Certificate – ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949:2009, SGS, Rohs, REACH

Design Suggestion – As an experienced supplier, we know our magnets and happy to help you choose right magnet and provide design & engineering assistance and rapid prototype manufacture.

No MOQ – No business is too small for China Magnets Source. We accept any quantity order no matter for normal magnets or for custom special products.

ISO-9001-2008 certificated magnet supplier
ISO-TS-16949-2009 certificated magnet manufacturer